Kyle and Brittany

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Living room at home

How We Met

Well… I got out of a crappy relationship and so did he… so about a year after all that crap happened I messaged him on Facebook because I was honestly just bored and I just simply wanted to make conversation with someone just to be friendly… lol anyways wed message on and off all summer of 2016 then I felt like I was bothering him so I deleted his number and everyone’s number and started focusing on myself. Then one day he started messaging me again….long story short… he was nervous because of my dad and then we started hanging out…

But we pretty much met through Facebook but have known of each other… went to the same school and grew up in the same towns. It’s been a big blessing that we found each other really…

how they asked

We were opening stuff on Christmas from each other and he asked me – simple and sweet!