Ashley and Kyle

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How We Met

Kyle and I have been together for 3 years this month. We met through a family member of his that was one of my clients. He would always say how he thought his nephew and I would be great together. One day he insisted on showing me a picture of Kyle ‘Just because’ (which I wish he would of done a long time before that).

A few days later Kyle liked one of my photos on Instagram and the only reason I knew it was him was because his profile picture was the same photo his uncle had shown me (coincidence? I think not!). I immediately messaged him and we got to talking and haven’t stopped since! Over the past few years we have both grown and have truly created such a strong and loving relationship! Kyle never seizes to make me the happiest woman there is! It’s safe to say he had me at first ‘Like’!

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how they asked

What was suppose to be a ‘girls night’ with my mother, daughter, sister, and aunt at a local restaurant ended up being the ultimate surprise proposal with all of my closest friends and family there to witness!

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Kyle had planned it weeks in advance with everyone involved (Which made sense that some were avoiding me like the plague)! To say I was surprised is an absolute understatement!

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I screamed, cried, did some ‘celebratory hand clapping’ and of course said YES!!! I will truly cherish that day and moment for the rest of my life, along with the amazing relationship that we share!!! I am beyond excited to be marrying my best friend!

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