Ashley and Kyle

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How We Met

It was a cool, winter afternoon in January of 2012 in Athens. I was a freshman at The University of Georgia, and my friend Michael had invited me to go play pick-up basketball in Ramsey (UGA’s gym). He texted me about an hour before we were supposed to play and said, “I’m bringing a friend. Is that okay?” I respond, “Of course! As long as he can play. (; ” I walk into the gym, I see Michael, and then I immediately see a tall, handsome man wearing a bandanna standing beside him and I think “Is THIS the friend!?” It was. Michael tells me Kyle played on UGA’s football team last year, but tore his ACL, so now he just plays basketball. I introduce myself, shake Kyle’s hand, and act like I’m not freaking out inside about how charming he is. When it’s time to play, it’s me, Michael, Kyle, and two other guys. The game starts, and our team is KILLING it. Kyle makes a behind the back pass to me, then I finish with a reverse layup. He grinned from ear to ear, gave me a high-five, and I try to keep my game face on – acting like it’s no big deal that we have some major “court chemistry” like Stephen Curry & Shaun Livingston. :) After the game is over, he gives me a high five and says, “See ya next time!” My friends who were working out in the gym come and find me on the court, and we leave to grab dinner.

Kyle finds me on Facebook about 2 days later. He sends me a private message, asking if I wanted to play again. I say yes. The next thing I know, we are playing basketball about every day, eating tons of meals together, and spending a lot of time with each other. About three weeks in, he asks me to come meet his mom. From there, his family welcomed me with open arms, and Kyle quickly became my best friend. :)

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how they asked

I’m a fan of trips – I’d rather travel than get a new purse, pair of shoes, etc. So, when it was time for Kyle to decide what to get me for Christmas, he planned a trip to somewhere we had never been – Savannah, Ga. He planned the whole thing. In fact, he actually created and sent me an e-mail with PDFs of the itinerary for each day. Friday goes as planned. We eat at a great spot in Savannah, check-in at the Westin (with a 13th floor window view overlooking the entire city), then go to a great spot for dinner. After dinner, we go and watch some dueling pianos.

On Saturday, we go to breakfast, then we go swimming in the outdoor heated pool and hot tub. Keep in mind, it’s mid-January and it’s 65 degrees and sunny. At noon, we go to the room to get ready. He tells me we’re having some glamour shots taken in Forsyth Park. Apparently, there’s photographers waiting in the park to take a couple pics for $10, then they e-mail them to you that day. He says we’re eating dinner at Garibaldi’s, so we’ll have to be dressed for the fancy dinner when we leave for the park since we’re not going back to the hotel. Kyle told me that after the pictures, we’d be going for a carriage ride, then touring some historic sites.

We get to the park. The sun is shining through the Spanish moss as we walk toward the center of the park where the fountain is. We get to the center, there’s people all around, and he looks and me, grabs both of my hands, and tells me he loves me. I begin to freakout, because he’s shaking a little. He says, “Ashley, the itinerary isn’t happening….. because the only reason I’m here is to ask.. will you Marry Me?” By this time, he’s down on one knee, looking up at me with the biggest smile on his face. I’m in shock, and couldn’t grab words. It took about four seconds, when an elderly man walked my and said, “Say yes, sugar!” I scream “YES!” and think “THIS WAS PERFECT.” Until, he tells me to look to my left. There, behind the bushes, is his mom and step dad and my mom and step dad. They had traveled 5 hours just to surprise me and take pictures for us. Seeing our families – I lost it. We took pictures throughout the park, hugged our families goodbye, and had the most wonderful evening imaginable. I can’t wait to marry my best friend. <3

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Special Thanks

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