Andrea and Kyle

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How We Met

Andrea and I first met in high school. Her being a grade below me we never met until her Freshman year when she started marching band. It was pure luck that she had chosen to play tuba being the small cute little girl she was. This gave me the perfect opportunity to get to know this girl who had instantly caught my attention. Spending almost every day with her at band practice, at the football games, and other various band functions we got to know each other extremely well. It wasn’t until a year later in the summer of 2014 that I finally had the confidence to ask her on that first date.

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how they asked

The proposal was a complete surprise that took a lot of careful planning and timing. The location I ultimately chose was the Harpersfield Covered Bridge in Harpersfield Township Ohio. This bridge is a very special location to the both of us for a multitude of reasons. For her she grew up loving the covered bridges of Ashtabula, Ohio because her grandmother lived there. Her family would often visit the bridges and go to the annual covered bridge festival. The covered bridge festival then became special to us within the first few months of us dating. We went together with her family and I was captivated by the beauty of the bridges and the many hidden gems of Ohio.

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We later came back to the Harpersfield Covered Bridge to take homecoming pictures which came out absolutely stunning. Thus this became one of my favorite places that we had ever visited along our 4 year journey together. After choosing the location it was a matter of planning this day while juggling two jobs and maintaining time with her which was not an easy feat. In the end, with the help of a few friends I was able to pull together the perfected engagement.

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I decided on the date of July 12th for a very plain and simple reason, it was our 4 year anniversary together. This made it easy to plan a proposal without it stirring up suspicion that it was in fact a proposal. I was able to use our anniversary to tell her I was taking her to a very fancy restaurant and that it was a dressy type place. I told her that because of this she could get her nails done and get a new dress just for the occasion on me as part of her anniversary gift. I also told her she had to wear a blindfold on the drive to the restaurant as to not spoil the surprise of what the restaurant was. This ensured that she would look stunning for her surprise pictures done by the amazing Lindsay Zilke, but also ensured that the location of the proposal would not be spoiled either.

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Lindsay was kind enough to arrive early and hide just out of sight of the exact spot I told her I was going to propose at. So when the day came we drove out to the bridge and as we came closer to the bridge I abruptly changed the music to “Hooked on a feeling” by Blue Swede, which is our song and the song I used to ask her out to homecoming the first time. This was her first clue that something was up, but she still thought it was all part of the anniversary surprise.

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When we arrived at the bridge I took her by the arm and led her down to the riverbank. I took off her blindfold which caused instant confusion considering we were at no sort of restaurant. I then began explaining to her how much this bridge meant to me because of her, that small conversation then lead me to tell her I couldn’t imagine a more perfect place to do this, I then reached in my pocket to pull out her gorgeous ring and asked her to marry me.

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At this point Lindsay had snuck behind us and was taking tons of amazing pictures to capture the exact moment that means more than the world to both of us.

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