Abby and Kyle

How We Met

It feels like not long ago that I started talking to a complete stranger over the internet. I remember the first time that we spoke, and unfortunately, it wasn’t the best first impression. I was completely embarrassed and I thought that I’d never have a chance. We’re in the era where social media is huge, and I can’t believe I have Instagram to thank for finding my fiancé. One day I posted a picture before going to a concert. I noticed it had gotten a Facebook like from an unfamiliar name. When I saw that Kyle had liked it, I immediately went to his page to see who he was. I found the first picture of him and commented something along the lines of you’re really cute. Immediately he replied that’s not me, that’s my friend. I felt like an idiot. His friend looked very similar but Kyle was definitely even more handsome. Later that day he privately messaged me. He was very sweet and said that it was okay. Then he asked for my number and I was so happy that we had this goofy start to our relationship. Over the next few months, we texted and called each other every day. We began to connect in a way I didn’t even know was possible. I constantly wanted to learn more about him and felt like it was time to meet face to face. At the time I was 15. I had never really had a real boyfriend, so I truly didn’t know what to expect when it came to dating. I’m still surprised that my parents even allowed me to go on a date!

Kyle and I decided to go on the typical movie date for our first time meeting. We went to see 43 because we both absolutely love baseball. Kyle didn’t have his license at the time so his grandfather took us. I still laugh about that. We weren’t even old enough to drive ourselves! Kyle begged his grandfather to drive the Camaro so that he could impress me. He knocked on my door and shook my dad’s hand and off we went. After we were dropped off at the movies he began to show his personality quickly. He was sweet and so polite. He opened doors, let me pick the snacks and kept me smiling all night. After the movie, we weren’t ready to end the night and headed to get ice cream. We talked for hours, and we haven’t been apart since. That was five years ago! A month after we met I had to get brain surgery. I lost my hair, I couldn’t do my usual activities or even get up most days but he spent the whole summer by my bedside. He made me feel beautiful and encouraged me daily. I don’t know how I would have gotten through that tough time without him. I then knew that he was my soulmate.

how they asked

We had been talking about marriage for awhile and I had even tried on rings, but I had no idea it was close. One day we were shopping and I tried on a few rings. I fell in love with this beautiful round diamond. I didn’t want to take it off. It was everything I wanted in a ring. Eventually, we left and went home. During that time Kyle had somehow bought the ring in secret and brought it home. He held onto it for months! Right before our anniversary, Kyle started to act funny. He was definitely planning something but I had no idea what. I was going out of town so Kyle knew that he was going to ask me before I left. It was a normal day for me. We were cleaning the house. We take turns on dishes and it was his turn. I sometimes sit on the counter while he does them and we talk about our days.

We were talking and the subject of marriage came up. He asked me what I thought about being his wife and of course, I said I’d love to. He told me that he’d be right back. He went and got the ring and ran back to the kitchen. He asked me to marry him right there in our first home together. I said yes so fast! I’m pretty sure I screamed it! The night went so fast. I called everyone to tell them! I was so excited and driving from house to house to show off my new ring. I’ll never forget how happy I was that day! I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with Kyle. He’s my best friend and the only man I could imagine growing old with.

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