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How We Met

We met when we were freshmen at Indiana University back in 2011. He was there to play baseball and my friends and I went to a party at the baseball house on a Friday night. My friends actually noticed him first. I waited for him to leave the small group of people he was talking to before I walked up to him, introduced myself, and stuck my hand out to shake his. He was thrown off by my confidence and professionalism (keep in mind we were freshmen in college), but we talked for awhile, exchanged numbers, and he texted me the next day. We spent quite a bit of time together freshmen year, then lost touch and reconnected sophomore year until he transferred to Ohio University in the spring semester. We didn’t talk for years after that until one day in August of 2016, I was flying to South Carolina to visit friends & he was flying to Indiana to do the same, and we both had a layover at the Charlotte airport. After chatting up until the moment my flight was about to take off, we went our separate ways. The next day, I woke up to see a text message that said “I’m going to marry you” sent at 2am. I didn’t respond for awhile, but after I did, we were soon texting, talking, & facetiming incessantly- even to this day.

how they asked

We live in North Carolina and drove back up to Indiana to visit my family at my grandparent’s lake house. Everyone was spending the weekend there for the Fourth of July, and we were supposed to be getting family pictures done that weekend as well. After relaxing by the pool and visiting with family for two days, Sunday rolls around and we’re inside getting the big family picture taken in front of the fireplace. The photographer (my aunt) says “Wait, we need to rearrange the Brummett’s. Kyla, Spencer- step out for a minute.” And shortly after we step out, Spencer gets down on one knee in front of my parents, brother, cousin, aunt’s, uncle’s, grandparents, and even great-grandparents, and proceeds to give me a speech about what an incredible woman I am, that I am his soulmate, and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. I was a blubbering mess! After crying through a “yes!” my family brought out a cake that said “Congratulations to the Future Mr. and Mrs. Sapp”. Our photographer then took us to get some proposal/ engagement pictures done and I got to ride back to North Carolina for 8.5 hours- staring, in disbelief, at my fiancé. This man whom I was going to spend forever with.

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