Kyla and Cody

Kyla's Proposal in our college campus/where we first met

How We Met

Cody and I connected over the incoming class Facebook page for our college, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, in February of 2013 as we were both finishing up our senior year of high school, Cody in Illinois, and I in Colorado. We connected because we were both going to be in the same major, Geology, and while he was going to be starting Long Snapper for our college football team, I would be working for the teams film crew. At first there wasn’t a lot of communication between us, as we were both very busy people and just wanted to have someone to know when we moved out to our college in the fall. However, after we both had some tough times hit us, we grew closer and started texting and calling each other more frequently, becoming close friends over the summer. I knew I liked him before I actually saw him face-to-face, because he was smart, ambitious, caring, and we shared several interests, but we wouldn’t get to meet face-to-face until August of 2013. We first saw each other walking down a sidewalk that ran between two buildings on campus, and we both kind of stopped and tilted our heads, it took us a second I think to realize who the other person was, but when we did realize it, we immediately walked towards each other and hugged and sat down at a nearby bench to talk. By the time we met in person I think we both knew that we were interested in each other as more than friends, but wanted to find out if we had the same chemistry once we were together. Luckily for me, the chemistry we had all summer translated over almost effortlessly, and we began dating on August 20th, 2013, shortly after our first meeting.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in our college campus/where we first met

how they asked

On Saturday the 18th of November, Cody suggested that we go out to lunch, just to get some time together and have a cute little date. While at lunch he mentioned that we needed to drop by our college campus to pick up something from a friend of his before his friend left to start Thanksgiving Break early. So after lunch we head onto campus to meet up with his friend and I see his friend standing on the steps of one of the buildings, but he doesn’t have anything in his hands, which probably should have given me a hint that something was up but I assumed that we must be grabbing it from his car or something. We get to where his friend is standing and then Cody turns to me and says “We didn’t come here to get anything from him, we came here because there is something that I have been wanting to ask you for months,” and I notice his friend pull out his phone and Cody grabbed my hands and kept talking about us, and it hits me that we are standing at the same spot he was standing when we first saw each other over 4 years ago. Then he dropped to one knee and I realized this was really happening. I immediately became emotional and had to fight myself to let him actually ask me before I said yes! I couldn’t be happier to be engaged to one of my best friends, my biggest supporter, and the love of my life!