Kyara and Jon

Image 1 of Kyara and Jon

How We Met

Jon and I met in high school and our most time interacting with each other was at prom. We lost touch but came back to each other in 2017. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

How They Asked

According to Jon, he originally planned a day at a sunflower maze on our anniversary. I had no idea and ended up going to the hair salon and on a whim decided to go from red to blonde, meaning I spent 8 hours at the salon. I completely threw Jon’s plan in the garbage without knowing! While at the salon, he brought me roses and asked me to let him know when I would be done.

Image 2 of Kyara and Jon

He picked me up and took me to my best friend’s house, where they had my outfit and makeup ready. I got dressed and Jon said we were heading to a restaurant. Next thing I know, we’re in Astoria Park discussing the highs and lows of our relationship. In the distance, I saw sunflowers, candles, balloons, and my entire family and friends waiting for me.

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Each person had a board with a memory written on it and a sunflower for me to collect. When I got to the last board, I turned around, and there he was on one knee. I was hysterical and elated all at the same time. Of course, I said yes!

Image 6 of Kyara and Jon

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