Kwame and Dyan's Helicopter Proposal

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How We Met

I work for a company that sells technology to banks and am based out of Atlanta, GA, Dyan worked for a bank in Northwest Washington State, and I had to do an in person training session on location. We had dealt with each other for weeks prior in this process, but when we met in person, we hit it off really well and she agreed to keep me company over dinner. We had such a great time over the next couple of days that I extended my trip to over the weekend. From then on, we talked on the phone multiple times a day, visiting each other as often as possible, making it work long distance. It was a pretty tough situation, and we went back and forth regarding whether either of us was able to move closer to the other. Eventually, (and thankfully!) Dyan chose to relocate here, to Atlanta, where we have built our family together.

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Helicopter Proposal

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