Kurt and Courtenay

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Forest Gump Point in Arizona

How We Met

We met online on Match.com. I had our first date on March 27, 2018, and the rest is history from there.

How They Asked

We planned a trip out West to many different National Parks to visit in May. In April I had asked him if he planned on proposing and he answered with a big “No.” Fast forward to the trip, we were on the second half of our trip, it was Monday, May 20, and we were in Colorado and we were supposed to go to a Mesa Verde National Park and they had to close it because it was snowing. So headed off to Aztec National Monument and to Four Corners in New Mexico. While we were traveling this day we dealt with snow then rain most of the day. By the time we left Four Corners, I was ready to go to our hotel, I was done for the day.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Forest Gump Point in Arizona

We got to Arizona and it started to clear up and we were seeing the sunshine! We got to Forest Gump Point where Forest ended his run and it was so beautiful! We pulled over many times to take pictures, he wanted to pull over to a spot one more time to have a lady we saw take pictures of him and I(which is nothing new we did). As I was about to get my phone back from the lady he stopped me and he was down on one knee! I covered my mouth and started to cry! Of course, I said “YES!!” I was in total shock! Then he tells me that he had my mom and his mom go to the local jewelry store while he was out of town for work. They sent him pictures of 3 rings and he picked out the one!