Kurt and Chloe

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How We Met

I had the pleasure of meeting Kurt through a friend on a night out at the bowling alley in 2017. The next day Kurt had messaged me on New Year’s Eve because he knew I was out & asked if I needed a lift home. Safe to say I accepted his lift & the rest is history. He is such a gentleman!

How They Asked

Kurt works for a company & sometimes gets vouchers to eat at fancy restaurants in the city. The week he told me he had got a “voucher” and he had already booked the dinner is the same week I had started a new job so I said I couldn’t go. Kurt kept nagging me to message me, new boss, I tried my luck & got the day off. A week beforehand Kurt went out and bought this fancy suit and showed me what he was wearing, at this point all I knew was we were going to a fancy restaurant in Sydney called rock pool and a helicopter tour so I went out & bought a fancy dress. Come Tuesday 22/03/2022 Kurt gets a call from the supervisor looking after the shift for that afternoon. The supervisor calls and tells Kurt that he cannot work with this worker anymore (there are always dramas with this guy) and because Kurt is usually in charge he can’t sack the guy (I heard all this conversation and he did sound legit.)

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Kurt then told me he is going to work to sack the guy and he would meet me in the city. He went to my mother and asked if she could drop me off at the train station. Mum kindly offered to take me all the way to the city. Mum kept on “getting lost in the city” but eventually brought me to this big hill with a view of the harbor and it looked like a park up there. At this point I thought it was where our helicopter tour was and my phone buzzed as I got out of the car, it was Kurt and it said “walk up the hill to the hut”, I had no idea what to think I just thought that’s where we were meeting. As I approached the hut and looked at the top of the stairs, there he was on his knee with the sweetest look on his face. I walked up to him shaking because I was so shocked! The set-up was just amazing. A beautiful red carpet, candles, red roses everywhere and the brightest sign that read “will you marry me” as I walked up to Kurt speechless he said “Chloe Marie Buttigieg, will you marry me” all I could say was yes! It was by far the easiest question I’ve ever had to answer. My mum was way too excited so parked the car and had a sneaky look, she was over the moon as well. After we had a wonderful photoshoot at the proposal of my dreams we had dinner at the rock pool (no helicopter tour but something far more amazing).

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