Kumaran and Ramiya

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How we met

Kumaran and I met through a gamble we played called the “roulette” feature on a culture specific dating website/app. Both of us coming from a culture that highly values arranged marriages, we not only chose a non-typical search method but also decided to gamble our chances to find love. The concept of internet dating was not too prominent (culturally speaking), but we managed to pursue just that but make it more thrilling by playing a “roulette” feature on the app and started a blind date.

We started conversing with nothing at hand except each others’ answers and the unexplainable trust towards each other. We went from simple typical questions to hard-core relationship material assessment questions within a matter of a couple of days. The cool thing about this feature was that we could chat as long as we wanted to without revealing our profiles (pictures and information), and it required both of us to hit the like button to reveal both of our profiles. After a couple days of lengthy chats, I decided to hit the like button, and long and behold the profile revealed itself. (It was obvious Kumaran had already hit the like button before I had lol).

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We had a unique relationship to start off, as typically the man would be out to get the contact information, but here I was asking him for his number. We exchanged contact information and resumed conversation outside the app. We got to know each other more with each conversation, until once again I took the lead and asked to talk over the phone which he happily accepted without a pause. A call that was meant to be a brief introduction… lasted hours. We both understood then the saying “time does fly when you’re enjoying each others’ company” as we both commented on the lengthy phone conversation within a matter of minutes after ending the call. We just could not stop talking to each other!

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I came to know Kumaran to be shy but smart, as he spoke very LOTS during our chats, but became limited with his words during our phone calls. One thing was for sure, I knew Kumaran had liked me as did I because he started asking me out in hidden/indirect ways such as “that’s a nice play to go for dinner, you should go” to “I’ll be in your area for training ……(pause)….” Although I knew his intentions, I was determined that this time I wasn’t going to take the lead in initiating our first date while at the same time was caught in a dilemma about meeting him in person so early on vs. pushing it off longer, so I kept playing. After multiple tries and just close to two weeks of knowing each other Kumaran straight-up asked if I wanted to go out and took the efforts to arrange a memorable first date. What could I do? I gave in and decided to meet! What was scheduled to be an hour date turned into yet another long lasting first meeting.

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That day onward, the conversations and feelings amplified intensely and we both knew the obvious feelings we had for each other and the seriousness it was taking. Kumaran however took, what seemed to me like forever, to admit his feelings! Again, without patience I took the lead and proposed my feelings for him and asked him if he felt the same. And he said YES!!!! A just like that within a matter of weeks we went from blind date candidates who took the gamble to find love into a LUCKY couple who is in love!

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how they asked

Ramiya and I love to try out different restaurants throughout the GTA. As summerlicious was approaching, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to propose as she will be dressed up. I setup on a fancy dinner date for a Friday evening. I decided on a French cuisine in the Toronto Distillery District; Cluny Bistro & Boulangerie.

Around one week before the proposal day, I went scouting for the exact location at Kew Beach with my best friend, who would be setting up the area on the day of. We found that the beach area right beside lifeguard station perfect. A few days prior, I had my quick chat with Samantha from Samantha Ong Photography. Samantha scheduled the call around lunch on a weekday, which ensured I would not be around Ramiya. I brought Samantha up to speed with the plan and I was scheduled to arrive at the beach with Ramiya around 8:15 – 8:30pm.

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Fast forward to the proposal day, I told Ramiya to wear her white dress with her black flats. Needed to ensure she did not wear heels as we would be walking on the beach later in the evening. I was checking the weather every hour as it was supposed to be raining (It only started raining on our way home). Once we got to the restaurant, we had our dinner with paired wine. Ramiya was not suspicious as we go out on dates like this in the past. While we were having our diner, my best friend and Ramiya’s sister were setting up a small heart shape near with rose petals at the spot. Once we had our dinner, I told her there was a place nearby I wanted to show her which was recommended by a “co-worker”. Right before leaving the restaurant, I shared my location with my best friend through Google Maps, so he knew we were coming. Kew Beach was near Samantha’s studio, which Ramiya knew where it was so I had to take a different route to ensure we do not go near there.

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I parked 1 block more east of the location, which would give Samantha time to prepare. We were walking towards the lifeguard station. On approach, I saw Samantha in the distance but Ramiya did not notice as she was admiring the view. Once we got to the spot, she got a little suspicious why there is a rose petal heart shape but I shifted her focus by giving her a scrapbook with a timeline of images of our time together. Just prior to the last page, I went behind her and got on my one knee. On the last page, it had the big question “Will you marry me?”

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As she read the page, she started looking for me and turned around to find me on my one knee. She got into a little shock as she was trying to figure what was going on. Once she figured it out, she said “Yes”. Her sister and my best friend came out, giving her another surprise. And there it was, we were officially engaged and this time, I took the lead!

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