Kumar and Peter

How We Met

We actually met through a common friend; however, in reality, we met for the first time after falling in love :) We use to talk and skype on a regular basis and then after few months it was not possible for Peter to stay back at home without meeting me. So he flew from Romania to the Netherlands where I was studying my Masters during that time. So, in fact, we met in the Eindhoven airport for the first time :)

First time met at Eindhoven airport, the Netherlands.

how they asked

Hahaha, that was a story for sure. He came up with the best idea I would appreciate. I love amusement parks. So we went to one of the biggest amusement parks in the Netherlands and after the whole day of tiredness, he requested me exactly at 9 pm to see the beautiful clock in the middle of the park. All the story of Park begins from there.

As because we first time talked over Skype and saw each other exactly six months before at 2100 hours, he fell on his knees and showed me a ring of my dream. Once he started saying things I was dumb and to be honest, I could not hear anything. Never expected that thing to come so soon from someone I love too much.

And then I had no choice but to say YES because I loved the ring like anything. And his innocent look in my face asking for a green signal was so cute that I had to. Anyway, after a while, I suddenly realized what has just happened to me, and I broke down into crying. How stupid I was, it took me almost 10 minutes to realized that I just got proposed. :P



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