Kt and Chase


How We Met

We’ve been friends for awhile but always dated other people, let’s just say Gods timing is always perfect!

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After Chase finished law school, we decided to take a celebratory trip. He obviously needed a vacation after 3 long years! Our friends Gaby and Cory were able to join us as well. A part of me kept thinking that maybe he was going to propose during the trip so I prepped my attire with plenty of white. Gaby did a great job convincing me not to expect anything and Chase acted completely normal!

For those who don’t know Chase, not only is he terrible at keeping surprises a secret but he also sucks at planning. I was convinced his proposal would be something along the lines of “Oh, by the way, here’s your ring. Is this the one you wanted?”lol

Saturday night rolls around and we make reservations to eat dinner on the beach with our friends. (At this point in the story it may sound like I planned my own proposal lol.) Regardless, dinner was amazing. The food was to die for and the view was incredible. As usual, Chase looked handsome. I noticed he was more quiet than usual but I didn’t think anything of it. We were having such a fabulous time and our friends were taking pictures and videos throughout the entire night!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cabo

Finally our waiter brings dessert, and they bring out this huge chocolate sphere. The waiter is setting syrup on fire to melt my dessert and I’m completely fascinated by the special effects. So, the chocolate melts and I catch a glimpse of the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen sitting in the middle of my chocolate cake!

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I immediately look up and Chase is standing over me. He extends his hand to grasp mine and brings me to my feet. He begins to tell me how much he loves me and how beautiful I am on the inside and out. At this point, I’m in tears. He bends to one knee and asks me to marry him!


It was the perfect proposal and truly a magical, unforgettable moment. God has blessed me with the perfect man who is kind, respectful, funny and lovable beyond words.

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