Ksenia and Aleksey

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How We Met

Ksenia: “Girls might spend hours choosing their best outfit, putting tons of makeup and high heels. However, the words “If it is your destiny, he will love you as you are” became truth in our history. I was ill in December, but one Friday night my girlfriends pushed me to spend a girls night out in a cafe. I came there with a huge pack of tissues, sore throat treatments and different cold remedies. I did not really want to be somewhere away from home at that time, but for some unknown reason agreed to join them. Meanwhile, Aleksey was having dinner after a business trip in the same restaurant.”

Aleksey: “I was busy eating my dinner when I noticed Ksenia, she was clumsily holding tissues, constantly sneezing. Something inside me kept me looking at her. I could not understand what happened. Why I was so attracted by this vulnerable girl? But I knew that I had to make every effort to understand this feeling. After doubting for a few minutes, I decided to dare”.

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Ksenia: “He needed a lot of courage to step up in front of three unknown girls in a restaurant”.

Aleksey: “I knew that she will never give me her phone number if I ask her directly. I saw that they were writing postcards, so I asked them if I could write one to my friend too. We exchanged contacts with one of Ksenia’s friends. I tried to find Ksenia on social networks through her girlfriend’s friends list at home. And my doubts disappeared when I found her profile and saw her birth date – exactly the same as mine! I knew I found my other half.”

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Ksenia: “And I felt the same.”

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how they asked

Aleksey proposed me to go to Paris to help his friend who was going to propose to his girlfriend. While strolling through Paris, breathing the scent of romance, which impregnated every corner of this wonderful city, life seemed carefree and our feelings became stronger and stronger. On one of the last evenings in the city Paris looked even more familiar and exciting. Aleksey booked us a photo shoot and a picnic in from of the Invalids.

It took just a second, Aleksey knelt down, and for the first time in his life began to speak hesitantly, then the words flew out of his mouth as fast as my heart started to beat.

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I was in shock: all my thoughts got confused.

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The minute before I said: “I want to spend the rest of my life with you!” was the longest minute in our lives. We can definitely call this moment “the most exciting and happy” moment that we will always remember, and most importantly – keep in our hearts.

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Special Thanks

Daria Lorman
 | Photography