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How We Met

Sean and I had a class together during sophomore year of high school, but never talked until finals week when our mutual friend introduced us as we were crunching in a last minute study session literally ten minutes before we were going to take our test. We didn’t think much of it at that time, but little did I know I literally just met my future husband.

Junior year started and I noticed he began hanging out around the same area my friends and I met every morning before class started. I thought he was cute, he had a little Seth Cohen vibe and that was totally in during 2006. We started talking, no biggie as that’s what usually happens in high school and I started to develop a tiny crush and told no one but my best friend. It wasn’t until the time homecoming was coming up and one his friends asked if I would ever consider going with him. I panicked and thought my best friend blabbed and told his friend, probably not, ya know – trying to keep my cool. He didn’t ask me to homecoming.

When I was in high school, AIM was the equivalent to today’s Facebook and Instagram. And we IMed each other. A lot. & I think that’s when our relationship started to grow. During winter break, I went to Japan to visit my sister and I remember going online and seeing him on and I would think, isn’t it really late back home? I remember thinking – no, wait til he IM’s you and he would, and we would talk even being across the world. I came back from Japan and it was obvious to our friends that we liked each other – we just never told each other no matter how obvious it was.

We would play games of hangman with phrases like “I lyk ewe” or “I lie cue two” – really childish things that we were too shy to ever tell each other. There was one in particular where he was asking me to prom and I totally got it right, but he called the game off before I solved it. I was in TV Production Class at that time and our final project was to shoot a music video. I asked him to be in it and he said yeah and while we were filming, he grabbed something from his backpack and held up a sign “Will you go to prom with me”?

The rest was pretty much history from there. He asked me to be his girlfriend on June 2, 2007 and we’ve been together ever since.

how they asked

After being together for almost a decade, one can’t really help but wonder when will the next step be taken. Marriage is definitely we’ve talked about, but didn’t want to rush into. We wanted to make sure we were financially stable and had our careers in check before building our life together as a married couple.

Earlier this year, my dad passed away and it is the hardest loss I’ve ever encountered to this day. Sean was there for me and my family every. single. step. of. the. way. I couldn’t thank him enough. I couldn’t love him enough. He’s everything I ever wanted and ever dreamed for.

He gave a eulogy during my dad’s funeral. I recall my mom hugging him and telling him, “Don’t worry. Papa Castillo knew and he loves you.”

I didn’t know this until after the proposal, but he was planning on asking for my parents blessing after he received the ring he’s been working on with Heidi Gibson. He wanted to show them. Although he was working on the proposal since the beginning of the year, he wanted to show my parents the ring when asking for their blessing. It just didn’t come in on time.

Sean and I love traveling. We take domestic trips here and there, but we’ve never been out of the country together. This year was Sean’s first trip outside of the United States. We went to Greece and this is a trip we’ve been planning for since 2015. First stop – Santorini.

The day of the proposal was like any other day. Did I have a feeling he was going to propose on this trip? Yes and No. Yes, because it was just too perfect and no, because again, it was just too perfect it couldn’t happen. We spent the day in Oia and went up the Amoudi Bay steps and finished it off with lunch right by the sea. We freshened up and had dinner at Imerovigli. During dinner, I totally thought he was going to propose. Why? Because the waiters were incredibly nice. They gave us free appetizer in this tiny cute mason jar and all I could think was “I hope Sean didn’t hide a ring in my food.” Lol. So I ate it slowly, just in case I had to spit a ring out. No ring. I ate normally.

After we were finished our meal, they gave us free dessert! If that’s not obvious, I don’t know what is. They gave us different dessert, his was fruity and mine was a chocolate cake with a hole in the middle – the perfect hole to hide a ring. The waiter then poured hot chocolate into the hole and I thought, “this ring is going to be really dirty”. So before I started digging into the cake, for fear of ruining the ring and possibly eating it, I smashed it with my spoon only to find out there was no ring. So I ate the smashed cake and came to the conclusion that the people of Santorini are just incredible humans.

Sean asked what I wanted to do after dinner and I didn’t have anything specific in mind. The island is small and this was our second day there and we covered the whole island already. I was fine with anything. He said he wanted to check our Skaros Rock and I had no idea what that was, so I said sure why not. We started walking down some steps and after a while, I started thinking “If we’re walking down, that means we have to walk back up” – and mind you, we walked up the Amoudi Bay steps earlier that day. He kept saying we were almost there. He was so amused with my whininess that he stuck a go pro in my face all the way down. We finally reached the place with the perfect view of Skaros Rock.

It was an amazing view, almost time for sunset. He said we should take a selfie but before we could get the right angle he dropped on one knee and I couldn’t believe what was happening. He was finally proposing and I was still catching my breath from the walk down, from the view, from everything.

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I was going to spend the rest of my life with this man. My high school sweetheart. The person who’s been there with me through thick and thin, through the hardest time in life I ever had to face.

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He was my person.

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He hired a photographer to capture the moment, too! I still can’t believe this is just our beginning.

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