Krystyna and Jason

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How We Met

Jason and I were part of a group of friends for five years. When I first met Jason at a group gathering he didn’t speak once when I was there. I actually asked someone if he was mute. Over time Jason finally began to speak and we were friends in the same group for 3 years before I really got to know the Jason that was under the surface. Jason was the kind of guy I could casually hang out with and have fun with and he became the person I could have serious intellectual conversation with. As a our group began to separate and distance itself Jason and I remained friends. We did simple things from playing cards and board games to sitting in a cafe having random conversations, to going to the movies. We slowly began to grow closer. After 2 months of hanging out weekly Jason asked me out. Over about the last 2 years Jason and I have grown and pushed each other towards our goals and dreams. Jason fully supported me when I was considering going for a Masters and pushed me through it even when I had doubts. I move to Albany for Graduate School while Jason and I maintained a long distance relationship. Even though we weren’t near each other he supported me everyday. February 2018 Jason left to the join the U.S. Navy. I supported him throughout his process of joining the Navy, I sent him letters on a regular basis, and I attended his Navy Graduation on April 6, 2018. Jason and I continued our long distance relationship since he had to stay in Great Lakes, Illinois for his A school.

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how they asked

For memorial day I jumped at the chance and I flew to Chicago to visit Jason. It had been almost two months since seeing each other at his graduation and it would be our first time spent alone since before he joined the Navy. I was so excited to see him that when I waited at the main gate that Friday evening to go to dinner my stomach was so full of butterflies. We kept our holiday weekend full dinners, lunch, we drove out to Milwaukee to go to Jason’s first baseball game, and on the final day of the trip, we had planned to go to the Chicago Botanical Garden. Before we headed to the garden we decided to go somewhere nice for brunch.

We found a cute little brunch place but before we could go to eat Jason he pulled me aside got down on one knee, and asked me “to make him the luckiest sailor in the world and marry him.” The ring he chose was perfect in ways I hadn’t imagined. We had talked about marriage before and he knew what I said I had wanted but he went with is intuition and picked something with a twist on it. He chose Rose Gold for my setting which I had never worn before but he said “I looked at what accented the Blue the most and I know not only do you love blue but you also love pink. I took a chance because to me it looked like something to be made for you.”

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