Krystle and William's Hawaiian Proposal

How We Met

Billy and I may have been considered a cliche couple, but our love story is anything but. We both attended the same Catholic high school. On Valentine’s Day in 2005, I was a brace faced junior leading a sophomore retreat. During recreation time, I was talking among the other leaders outside and Billy who I did not know at the time was playing catch. All of a sudden, I was knocked to the ground as Billy made his way to catch the football and ran into me. I was literally knocked off my feet by him, broken shoe and grass stains to go with it. After the initial embarrassment passed and introducing ourselves, I thought this sophomore was so annoying and refused to give him any of my Valentine’s Day candy I had brought for the day. However, from that day on, Billy would find ways to talk to me on Myspace (the cool social media of that time) and we began to talk more and more via AIM messenger (remember screen names?), phone or at school. First as friends and then on April 1, 2005, he asked me to be his girlfriend–specifically on that day just in case I said no. Billy always has a strategic way of thinking. We were your typical high school sweethearts, captain of the cheer team and football quarterback. We have been together ever since and though I was a grade older, we attended our high school dances, proms, graduations and made our way to the same university, the University of Southern California. Go Trojans!

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Much has changed in our lives since we first met as 15 and 16 year olds, but through life’s challenges, accomplishments and regular days, Billy has remained by my side as my best friend and now my fiance. Our families have become friends as well and we are incredibly lucky to have their support and love throughout our relationship.

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how they asked

Billy works long hours in corporate finance so when he found out he was getting an extra day off of work for the Fourth of July weekend we decided on a whim to go to Oahu for the holiday. I had never been before, so I was incredibly excited to do all of the touristy things. I guess I should have read the signs leading up to the big day, but I was so oblivious. At the airport and on the plane, Billy was so nervous watching his carry on bag like a hawk, I just shrugged it off as him being nervous that he had his work laptop in there. Then at the hotel he insisted I stay with the bags as he checked us in. When he returned with the keys and leis, he let me know we had been upgraded to an oceanfront room. Again another sign, but I just let it pass since he has always been a good negotiator.

On our second night there, July 3, 2015, we were scheduled to go to a luau at Paradise Cove. We got ready and made our way on the shuttle to the location. After getting checked in and grabbing some Mai Tais, Billy said that we should go for a walk on the beach because he remembered there was a good picture spot there. Billy had been before with his family so I thought nothing of it until we started walking on the sand and he insisted we walk to the end, which was only a few steps away. As we were taking pictures of each other with our phones, he turned to take a picture of me standing by the water and instead grabbed a little box from his “fanny pack”, which finally made sense to me why he was wearing one in the first place (he had insisted on buying one that day to hold his selfie stick). Billy got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I of course broke out in tears. Despite us being together for ten years already and knowing that he was my soul mate, there is nothing like hearing that question from the person who owns your heart. I was so surprised, speechless and a crying mess. Then out pops the photographer that he had hired to capture the moment.

Billy had done such a great job of executing the proposal and after taking pictures along the beach, I called my family. Of course, they already knew, since Billy had asked my parents’ permission with the ring a few weeks before. So everyone was cheering in the background when they finally received my phone call. He even made sure to call my little brother who is in college at the University of Oregon to let him know about his plan. Billy made sure to make the proposal so thoughtful and beautiful, with hints of laughter (his fanny pack) just like our relationship has been after all these years.

It has been such an exciting time and the rest of the trip was so beautiful. I am so lucky that I get to marry my best friend, my “sophomore bf”, my soul mate.

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Special Thanks

Keoni Kitagawa
 | Photography