Krystle and Christopher

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How We Met

Chris and I met at San Francisco State University in Fall of 2006 through mutual friends. He caught my eye, I thought he was SO cute but would never go for a girl like me so I always just talked to him like another friend. He was really reserved and quiet and little did I know, he thought I was cute too! After nights hanging out with friends, he would always walk me back to my dorm building so I wouldn’t be alone and then we would sit outside on the benches and talk for another hour where I’d then head up and leave him at the entrance. Fast forward ten years and we are now engaged!

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how they asked

Chris and I used to be season pass holders to Disneyland – we LOVE it. One weekend in December 2017, we were looking forward to going but ended up canceling due to the wildfires burning down south. I was really sad. The following weekend, on a Friday night, we had plans to go to the museum of ice cream in SF with my brother and his girlfriend. The following day on Saturday we had to come back home to Sacramento due to a graduation party (who knew about the proposal happening and were totally ok about it). We woke up, ate brunch, and I was pretty much thinking we’d go home afterwards. Chris asked my brother what their plans were for the rest of the day and he replied that they were free to do anything. Kasey, my brother’s girlfriend, suggested we go to the Walt Disney Museum since we were unable to go to Disneyland the week before. I was skeptical thinking of our time constraint to make it back home but Chris reassured me we would make it back fine. We got to the museum and were walking around and I saw one sign on a window that said “Please do not put up the drapes. There is a better view of the Golden Gate ahead in the museum”. We walked some more where we reached a section of the museum and one wall was all glass windows with a beautiful view of the bridge. Chris asked my brother to take our picture (and he usually hates taking pictures) and my brother was quick to say yes. We stood there for a picture then my brother started to back away and Chris turned toward me and started talking to me. He mentioned he wanted to bring me to our two favorite places at once, Disneyland and San Francisco among many other sweet things. Then he got down on one knee and asked! To top it off, he had a bunch of our friends and family waiting outside of the museum with bottles of champagne to pop! It was the most magical day of my life!

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Special Thanks

Christian Palisoc
 | Videographer
Kasey Wong
 | Photographer