Krystle and Bryan

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How We Met

Bryan and I met in college. He was a track athlete (okay, let’s be real.. he was a track STAR!) However, I didn’t know this when I first met him. My roommate at the time, was on the track team with him. So one day my roommate and I were eating lunch on campus and I spotted Bryan with one of his friends in the food court. We made eye contact a couple times and I instantly fell in love! Butterflies in my stomach and I hadn’t even met him yet! I told my roommate, “Look at that guy over there, he is FINE!” She turned around and said “Oh! That’s my teammate!” and called him over right away! He began to make his way over to our table and my heart was beating so fast and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him! He introduced myself and I was trying to keep myself cool and collected but really I was dying on the inside!

After a small conversation he walked back to the spot he was standing in when I first spotted him and got on his phone. We kept making eye contact…WE COULD NOT KEEP OUR EYES OFF EACH OTHER! We locked eyes, and he pointed at my roommate then pointed at his phone, telling me to get my roommate to look at her phone. I told my roommate and she looked back at him and he pointed to his phone again, she looked at her phone and had a text message from him that said “What’s up with your friend?” and the whole time he was looking at me waiting for a reaction, I blushed of course. We then exchanged numbers and as crazy and corny as it sounds I fell in love with him right away! I then became the track team manager so I began to see him all the time, and yes I did so on purpose, I couldn’t help it!

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how they asked

Our two year anniversary was approaching and for our first year anniversary we did a fancy photo shoot where we got all dressed up and took amazing pictures for fun. So in my head I was just thinking that we were turning this into a tradition and that we are going to do the same for our two year anniversary. Bryan had already booked and planned the photo shoot and told me about a week before that we are going to do our anniversary shoot on Saturday (the day of our anniversary). I didn’t think anything of it, we had done it last year so it was completely normal.

As the week went on, I started to notice that Bryan was acting a little different and stressed so he then he decided to talk to me about this surprise party he had been trying to plan for me because I had just completed my bachelor’s degree and the planning was stressing him out and could really use my help. He told me about the party because ultimately he didn’t want me to find out about the proposal and thought it would keep me distracted as I began to plan the party as well (which totally worked). As I became busier with planning the party I totally wasn’t paying too much attention to the fact that our photo shoot was around the corner and I didn’t have a dress.

The day before the photo shoot, Bryan and I went to the mall and I was looking for dresses but he ended up picking out the perfect dress for me! I still wasn’t concerned about the photo shoot at this point, I was just making sure that this party was planned and everyone was invited. Saturday came around and it is our anniversary and photo shoot day. We get dressed and head to Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, California. It was a beautiful clear day and we stood on the cliffs overlooking the ocean and began to take our pictures, he had hired a photographer, videographer, and a guy with a drone (we have a YouTube channel so I thought it was normal to have a drone flying over us since we would put it on our channel).

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After a few shots, the photographer wanted to capture a shot with me letting go of the balloons. So we had bought balloons per her request and explained to me that she wants me to face the ocean and when she says “go” to spin and throw the balloons up. We practiced the spin a couple times, and I was completely focused on getting the perfect shot because once I let go of the balloons there would be no re-dos. Bryan stood behind me, ready for the camera, it was time to capture the shot. The photographer said “go!” and I spun, let go of the balloons and smiled right at the camera, then looked at Bryan who was down on one knee holding the most beautiful ring I had ever seen!

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It was a magical moment that took me completely by shock and it was in the most beautiful setting.

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The man of my dreams asked me to marry him!

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After the proposal I began to ask a gazillion questions because hello! this was so crazy! I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy!

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Anyways, I asked him about the party that we were now on our way to, turns out it was an engagement party (not a graduation party like i thought) and he had invited all our friends and family to come celebrate this AMAZING day with us!

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