Krystine and Michael

Image 1 of Krystine and Michael

How We Met: Mike and I first met through my older brother at his 30th birthday party. I can still remember the feeling I got when meeting him…it was unlike anything I had ever felt before. We talked all night, but then we ended up going our separate ways. It wasn’t until three years later that we saw each other again at my nephew’s christening, and it was amazing how the attraction was still as strong as it was the first time we had met.

We ended up exchanging numbers and a few weeks later we began dating. I can’t help but still think that we were destined to be together, and that fate brought us back together, when it was meant to be. Three years later
& he asked me to be his wife.

how they asked: My family goes to Florida every November since I was little for vacation, and Mike and I decided to join. I remember walking down the beach with him, talking about our future and what our dreams were. All I can remember is how happy I was that he was there with not only me, but with all of us sharing in our family tradition. The following day we spent in the pool and sunbathing until late afternoon.

Mike got ready first, then as I was getting ready my younger brother, Brandon, came into my room and told him he had a friend there of a mutual friend of his that had just moved to Florida, and he wanted me to meet her. Brandon told me she was a photographer & was just working on a wedding & that he asked if she could take some family pictures. I finished getting ready and walked out to the beach wall right outside our room.

My grandparents, my mother and her boyfriend, and my brother, along with Mike were all waiting for me. We all got together and started taking pictures, when Mike asked if I would like some alone with just him. Mike and I barely have had any pictures together our whole relationship (we always forget to take them) so this was really sweet of him to think of. We walked onto the beach by a little palm tree that’s right outside my grandparent’s room and started taking pictures.

That’s when Mike started telling me how much I mean to him, and spilling his heart out to me. At that point, I started piecing everything together – and then he dropped to his knee.

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I was in complete shock and could not believe what was happening. When he ever opened the box and revealed the ring, I was overcome with emotion. It was the exact ring I had been looking at and was the ring of my dreams.

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The timing was completely perfect, as it was sunset & my family and everyone on the beach watched as I said yes & cheered us on.

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After the proposal Mike told me that he actually hired the photographer to capture the proposal, when we were back home living in Boston.

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The thought and effort he put into making the moment completely perfect will be something I will never forget. I couldn’t be any happier to become his wife.

Photos by: Mari Sabra