Krystina and Chad

Image 1 of Krystina and Chad

How We Met

Chad and I met at the Young Adults service at our church. He introduced himself after the service and three days later we ended up at the same concert at Green Park in Fort Worth. The group went to a coffee shop nearby and I later found out that he purposefully held the door open waiting for me to go inside to steal the seat next to me at the shop. We talked, laughed, and found out that we both had similar interests and I tried not to make a scene. A few days later he invited me over for Final Four and I found out that not only did he live 2 minutes away but he was across the street from my childhood best friends house. I was still unaware that he was trying to get to know me and thought that he was just super friendly, until that next week he confessed that he had been pursuing me over that last week. Not to mention that while he had just put a deposit on an apartment in Portland and would’ve been moving that month, yet he made the decision decided to stay after we met. The rest is history!

how they asked

Earlier in the week, we were invited to celebrate Chad’s brother in law’s birthday at a nice restaurant in Fort Worth. So after Chad finished up with a woodworking job, he came to pick me up and we headed out. I was honestly just so excited to see him after 6 whole days of not being able to hang out because of him working late nights, that I didn’t notice anything odd, but little did I know, but he had hidden a ring box in his left sock when we got into the car. As as we pull up to the supposed restaurant, he seemed in a hurry to get out of the car – in the middle of my story, even though we were 15 minutes early. So I got out, and he started leading me over to a field of grass. I wa so confused, until he started to tell me things about our relationship, how long he’s loved me, and that he knew he wanted to marry me when we shook hands just two years prior. I heard a click-click behind me and noticed my good friend Kate there to take pictures and instantly knew what was happening.

Image 2 of Krystina and Chad

He got down on one knee and pulled out a walnut ring box, hand carved by him (he’s a ridiculously talented woodworker), and asked me to spend forever with him!! After embracing him with the biggest hug ever, we took some pictures with Kate and headed off to a restaurant where our friends and family were to greet us!

Image 3 of Krystina and Chad

Just before pulling away in the car, he handed me 4 envelopes – each had a picture and a description. He had booked our dream photographer, videographer, and a date for us to get married at a beautiful venue for this November!!! The best surprise yet – an appointment to find a dress for the very next day. It was perfect.

Image 4 of Krystina and Chad

Special Thanks

Kate Panza
 | Photographer