Krystin and Johnathon

Image 1 of Krystin and Johnathon

How We Met

We actually meet online. He tried to slide in my dms a couple times but I kinda ignored him because I assumed he was serious about dating. But he was persistent and continued to message me on and comment on my Instagram and then Snapchat. So after about two months I finally agreed to meet for lunch and I ended up thinking he was gonna ditch me after I was over a hour late because of traffic on the freeway

How They Asked

We really enjoy going to different museums and gardens. So he told me he has found Huntington online and he really wanted to go. So he planned the date out and we walked through the gardens and different areas taking pictures and looking around. Right as we got to what I would consider the prettiest area he asked another couple going past us if they could take our picture in front of this little replica of a Chinese garden surrounded by cherry blossoms (one of my favorites) right as they said say cheese he dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was completely unexpected because we had just been casually talking about leaving and getting some food.