Krystin and Glen

How We Met

Glen and I met during our first week as students at Bentley University back in 2010. My twin sister (who also went to Bentley) and her roommate were having a party one night. Glen showed up with a few of his friends having been invited by my sister’s roommate whom he met in a freshman year seminar class.

There were enough people at the party to fill their small dorm room but I remember hearing someone ask Glen about a large scar he had on his leg and he began telling the story of how he got it. He revealed he had grown up on a farm and having lived just outside of Boston all of my life, I had never met an actual farmer.

We ended up talking a little bit after that but it wasn’t until a day or so later we ended up in the same computer lab where I recognized him as the farmer and asked him for help with the lab since he seems to know what he was doing.

We walked out together and talked about what we had planned for that night. He didn’t know yet but asked what I was doing and I told him I would be around. Sure enough hours later he knocked on my door and asked what I was up to. As surprised as I was we ended up hanging out that night. Little did I know he didn’t know which dorm room I lived in. He had just known which floor and had been walking around knocking on doors with one of his friends until he found me.

how they asked

I have included some pictures above and below! The pictures and videos in our house are from the night we got engaged right in our living room. The others are some fun shots we took on the beach as an engagement photo session with my twin sister Jenn (since our photographer did not show up the night we had scheduled with her. We were all dressed and ready to go so instead we snapped these and ended up making some great memories with Jenn and our friend Erin!) There’s also one with Jenn and my parents who all played a part in our engagement.

Krystin and Glen's Engagement in Our house in Peabody, MA

Where to Propose in Our house in Peabody, MA

The night Glen proposed we had plans to go to Sorellina, one of our favorite restaurants in Boston. We had gone there for our first Valentine’s Day together in 2011. Glen had chosen the restaurant, telling me he wanted to do something special since we had been so busy lately. We had the best dinner together and I actually told him while we were still at the restaurant that it was one or my favorite date nights ever.

We drove home after that and when he pulled in the driveway he told me to wait in the car. I said “Why? Did you get me a puppy?!” and he just laughed. A minute later he came out to get me and when we walked in the house I saw that our living room was covered with flowers and candles everywhere. There must have been dozens of each! He even had the fireplace going to make what I think was one of the most romantic settings I had ever seen.

Right there in the doorway, he got down on one knee. I think I started saying yes before he even finished asking!! I don’t remember everything he said but after 8 years together I can undoubtedly say that it was one of the sweetest moments we have shared.

Proposal Ideas Our house in Peabody, MA

It was such a special night and one I’ll never forget especially because he proposed in our home. Two years ago we bought the house my grandmother lived in and my dad grew up in. We spent 10 months remodeling it to make it our own and we have grown to love it so much. It was the perfect place for our engagement!

Special Thanks

Jennifer Pashby
 | My sister was so helpful during both the proposal and engagement shoot! She came into our house while we were at dinner and did all of the decorating with our mom. She also took the pictures for our engagement shoot (story above!)
Dede and Jim Pashby
 | My parents helped my fiancé pick out the ring and were there with my sister to help decorate our living room for the proposal. They even came back afterwards for some champagne to celebrate!