Krystin and Barry

How We Met

It was October 2015 in London, England, when Barry and Krystin met through mutual friends. And this is where the fairy tale began. As time passed, they saw each other on different occasions and Barry became part of the regular invitees to Krystin’s house and dinner parties.

The following year, another friend invited Krystin on a hike with her and Barry. Krystin had gone on many hikes but this hike was one that she would never forget. The hike consisted of a 24 km (oh my days!) excursion along the English coastlines, called the Seven Sisters. While trekking through lurking waters and climbing 7 very steep hilltops, Krystin, not so surprisingly ‘talked Barry’s ear off,’ telling her fascinating life story. Sure enough, Krystin’s curiosity sparked many questions about Barry’s life and needless to say, Barry and Krystin got to know a lot about each other throughout the 10 hours of hiking. This was the moment where their friendship continued and blossomed thereafter.

In early 2016, Barry formally asked Krystin on a date to the symphony. After the performance, the two felt a strong connection and decided to extend the night with dinner. But dinner wasn’t enough, so they continued the fun and dance the night away! This was the exact night which changed their lives forever. Shortly afterward, the two started their romance, spending many relaxing evenings in the countryside of Kent, England and gallivanting throughout the city streets of London, attending performances at the Opera and Ballet, and romantic dinners out.

how they asked

Once upon a time, two friends, who were also lovers, were discussing their next adventure over their favorite bottle of Saint Julien wine. Going through the possibilities of another experience in Europe was not easy as Krystin had spent many holidays traveling around European countries. Baffled Barry was stumped, however looking at their delicious bottle of wine, sparked a thought and Barry asked Krystin if she’d ever been to Bordeaux which she excitedly said no to. This is how their next adventure began; the adventure which changed their lives forever. Barry took it upon himself to plan this excursion. He surprised Krystin with a magical experience at the Château La Tour Carnet in the Bordeaux region of France. Barry organized for the two of them to have the Château for themselves throughout the weekend, setting a new standard fit for a King and Queen.

Where to Propose in Château La Tour Carnet - Grand Cru Classé Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux, France

Krystin and Barry's Engagement in Château La Tour Carnet - Grand Cru Classé Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux, France

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Château La Tour Carnet - Grand Cru Classé Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux, France

Krystin's Proposal in Château La Tour Carnet - Grand Cru Classé Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux, France

Upon arriving on Friday, October 27, the lovely couple was thrilled to explore the Château as the grounds were filled with artifacts dating back to the early Middle Ages. Being on an estate known as one of the oldest wine producers in Bordeaux, it was only fitting that the couple had a private tour through the cellars. They learned a lot about the different grapes and how to make wine. The sampling resulted in very high spirits! After the tour, Krystin and Barry took a walk around the vineyards, discovering all that the grounds had to offer. Krystin was in her element on the vineyard walk! Happy as can be, but little did she know how much happier she was about to become! That evening, Barry arranged for a private 5-course meal to be prepared and served during the dinner hours. The table was set exquisitely with opulent cutlery and Baccarat crystal glasses, which when cheered, made a beautiful sound that chimed for minutes throughout the Château. The French Chef prepared a gorgeous, rich meal using all food and wine that were handpicked and locally grown.

After dinner, the two sat in the tea room where Barry confessed his happiness to Krystin. The couple spoke about their love for one another and the many memories made. Barry, traditionally, got down on one knee and asked Krystin take his hand in marriage. Obviously, she said YES!!! Standing by, was the lovely Katherine and Chef, who congratulated the happy couple and served them a bottle of Moët & Chandon to celebrate. The couple is happy to announce that they will be getting married in October 2018. They have decided to continue their love story in the Bordeaux region and have chosen to wed at a sister Château named Château Pape Clément.

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