Krystil and Brian

Where to Propose in Central Park NYC

How We Met

Brian and I met at our first job six years ago, at a company that absolutely forbid dating coworkers, or you’d get fired. We were very good friends, both in relationships with other people, but we always got along so well, and when Brian would talk to me about the women he was dating, I always felt jealous but did not want to admit why. None of those other relationships worked out and needless to say that after a year of constant flirting and very close calls of us almost crossing out of the friend zone, one fateful evening we ended up kissing. It was the most incredible kiss of my life, and we to this day talk about how two worlds collided at that moment and we would never be the same. We left that job shortly thereafter, and since then, we have built an incredible life filled with travel, eating a lot of pizza and cheering for bad NY sports teams. We now work together again at a new company that has looser policies around employees dating :)

How They Asked

Brian always knew that my first love was softball- I played my whole life and in college, but after an injury my senior year I was never able to play again. We are preparing to move across the country so we wanted to spend one last day in NYC, being tourists for a day. We brought gloves to Central Park to play catch and after what I thought was Brian readjusting his glove, he threw the ball back to me and said he thinks there is something on there… that was something was ‘Marry me?’ written shakily.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Central Park NYC

From there I blacked out and all I can remember is crying and eventually seeing my brother Robbie who is a photographer taking pictures of us in the middle of the great lawn in Central Park. This could not have been a more perfect way to honor my life before Brian, and bring our time in NYC together to a close! These past 5 years have been the best of my life and I know it’s only the beginning!

Special Thanks

Robbie Hofmann
 | Photographer
 | Planning