Krysten and Jose

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How We Met

I was a newly graduated senior from high school and we was going into senior year. Every summer our high school offers a summer camp were the students get to be the counselors. It was my two best friends and I as some of the senior counselors and we were so excited to spend the summer of 2009 together before going off to college. On orientation day we were assigned our junior counselors, Jose Manuel was assigned to my best friend Karina and as soon as he found out that we looked over and saw him roll his eyes at the fact that he was grouped with her. As camp went on our groups were close because they were in the same age group so we started to grow a friendship and my junior counsels were friends with him. My first impression wasn’t to good when he rolled his eyes at my best friend but as the summer went on we all became so much closer to the point that he would come up to me and ask me how can he get Karina to stop being mad at him and the rest of the boys. So as camp starting to reach the end he left to Alabama to do a mission trip with some boys from our school and I didn’t hear from again until I got a phone call from Karina saying she had a surprise for me at our high school where she was doing cheerleading practice with the new girls. So the curious me went along with it and drove to school to find him standing at the top of the stairs of the gym and all I can remember was running up to him and giving him a big hug. We then decided to stay along watch Karina coach as we sat on the side lines as he is cracking jokes and I laughing hysterically. He then tells me if I like sour patch kids which of i replied “of course but i only eat the red and orange ones”, to which he said ” good because I eat the green and yellow”. He then came back with a box of sour patch kids to share, as practice wrapped up we went our separate ways but to the little in know he asked Karina for my number. In an hour of so leaving our school I received a text message from him saying he had a lot of fun and wants to hang out again. From that moment on we have yet to stop talking and share the box of sour patch kids and I still only eat the red and orange but as time went on he eventually told me those are his favorite too but he wanted me to have them so he told he only ate the green and yellow so I can eat my favorites. We have been together for six years and counting!

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how they asked

It was Christmas day, our favorite holiday. We were both so excited that I had the day off from work and got to spend this special holiday together, little did I know that this Christmas will be my favorite of them all! He has been telling me that I had block an hour of my day just for “us” time from 3:30-4:45. He knows very well I hate surprises and I need more details on how to dress. Eventually he caved in and told me we will be taking Christmas pictures at Merrick Park, something I have been asking him to do with me for quite some time. So we planned to have lunch at my house with my family and then to meet with his family for dinner, so we left my house and with the hurry I was in to be ready I forgot the presents. He promised we would go back for them but to relax because his brother would be waiting for us there to help us take some pretty holiday photos, little did I know that moment would change my life forever. We took some props to make the holiday photos fun especially since we both can’t take each other seriously. He was frosty the snowman and I was Rudolph. We started to take the pictures in front of the giant Christmas tree and I kept telling myself that he won’t propose today it would be to obvious (side note: i have said this to myself for the past few months), Once his brother said he got all the pictures, Josecho got down on one knee and said there was one more thing. At this point I was in complete shock and all I kept hearing was my name and I just kept repeating “are you serious!” to which he replied “would I be down on one knee if I wasn’t”. With the look on his face and the gorgeous ring in his hand, for the first time I was at a lost for words. I eventually was able to say YES! while his brother was able to capture the most beautiful moment of my life. Little did I know he had left the presents on purpose so we can go back to my house where my family was anxiously awaiting for our return, so I can find out everyone knew today was the day!

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