Krysten and Ivan

How We Met

Krysten and Ivan met in a very unconventional place. It wasn’t unconventional that they met per se but in the fact that their relationship lasted longer than a week. It was the first day of Spring Break in Panama City Beach when their eyes locked while Krysten was on stage during a hula hoop contest. It was the final round and she had about seven hoops spinning around her body when a tall, dark and handsome spring breaker (Ivan) started cheering for her in the crowd. Whether it was the extra encouragement or the Rum & Coke she just threw back we may never know however, she managed to come out a champion! Her prize? A XXL Bud light t-shirt, a beach ball and her number one fan waiting for her at the side of the stage.

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The two of them hung out every day during the trip and exchanged Facebook profiles while parting ways. For years, the two of them dated other people however, they always managed to keep in touch through social media. Then, one of Krysten’s friends started going to college close to where Ivan lived. She went on a road trip with her friends to explore the new school and decided to arrange for her and Ivan to see each other again after so many years. Needless to say, the sparks were still there! Ivan immediately planned a trip to visit Krysten at her university for a sorority formal during St. Patrick’s day weekend. From that moment on they began to date exclusively.

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Krysten and Ivan's Engagement in Indiana Sand Dunes

Since Krysten was still studying in Michigan and Ivan was starting his career in Pittsburgh they managed to maintain a long distance relationship until she graduated. It was then that the two of them moved to Chicago in order to finally be not only in the same state, but the same city!!!

Krysten's Proposal in Indiana Sand Dunes

Their relationship was stronger than ever from surviving a few years of long distance and they were ready to start their lives together in the Windy City.

how they asked

Video_1 When Krysten and Ivan moved to Chicago together, the first thing they wanted to do was adopt a dog. Then, when they realized how much they loved their dog, they adopted another!! Since they both love their animals so much, it was only natural for the whole family to be together during the proposal. The Sunday of Krysten’s birthday weekend, all four of them went on a hike at the Indiana Sand Dunes. They packed up the car for the long drive, hiked about a hour through the woods to Lake Michigan and then had a picnic on the beach. It was there that Krysten could sense something. Ivan kept on pretending to take pictures of the lake at the top of the dunes to make sure their friend, Kara, had made it. Ivan arrange with her to meet them there to capture the engagement. When she was finally in place, Ivan popped the question!

Needless to say, Krysten was ecstatic and said yes!