Krystella and Richard

Where to Propose in At a family members house

How We Met

I met Richard through a mutual friend, she was telling me about this guy that she thought would be perfect for me. Richard and I never met before so we added each other on Facebook and started talking to each other on Thanksgiving Day in 2011. We wanted to meet each other in person so we decided to go to the movies that same weekend. Richard was coming to pick me up and I remember being so nervous, it took me forever to find a comfortable outfit! While waiting for him to pick me I hear a loud exhaust noise coming someone’s car humming through my neighborhood, I thought to myself how can people like that sound throughout their car. When I went outside to meet Richard sure enough it was his car that had that sound! (Richard is very much into cars and likes the souped up look). After our first date I knew I wanted to continue getting to know him and since then we have been inseparable.

how they asked

Richard and I we’re having Thanksgiving dinner by his cousin’s house, he has a big family so all of his relatives were there and my sister was there. It was coming towards the end of the night so we all stood in a circle to stay what we were thankful for. Richard and I were the last two to go so I went first and said I was thankful for my family and Richards family. Then it was Richards turn and he started saying he was thankful for family and for us, then he went on to say that it was 5 years to the day that we started talking on Facebook. The next thing I knew he was on his knees asking me to marry him I was so overcome with emotions I started crying, I couldn’t believe this moment was happening!

Krystella's Proposal in At a family members house

Everyone around us was saying so is that a yes! of course it was a yes, I knelt to his level and gave him the biggest kiss! I’m so happy I get to spend forever with my true love!

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