Krystalyn and Alexander

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How We Met

Alex went to law school with my sister and I always had a crush on him. We had been friends for about 4 years before we started dating. I was a paralegal and he got me a job at his firm and we started dating shortly after we started working together. Because we were friends before, our relationship escalated quickly and easily, and the rest is history! Alex proposed on a Thursday, we were on our way to Arizona for his family’s pre-thanksgiving. On our way out of town, he stopped at a park, pulled me out of the car and proposed. He had a picnic basket with champagne hidden and we celebrated. He secretly planned a surprise dinner with family and friends after, and a nights stay at Humphrey’s by the Bay in shelter island. We didn’t end up going to Arizona until the next day, when we ended up celebrating with his family all weekend. It was magical and I was truly surprised!

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