Krystal and Lawrence

Image 1 of Krystal and Lawrence

How We Met

The first time I met Lawrence was at a friend’s birthday party. He first approached me asked if he could dance with me and I refused. He was persistent and we started to have fun conversations throughout the night. A few days later I had a job interview at The Grace Hotel in Sydney and I was waiting at the elevator when someone called me name randomly. ‘Hi Krystal, Is that you?!’ I turned around and saw it was Lawrence who was there to check up on his refurbishments in the same hotel. I was extremely shy at that moment and I turned the other way and ran off. Later that day Lawrence messaged me and we laughed the encounter off. From that moment, I was interested in Lawrence and started to fall in love with him.

How They Asked

In November 2020, Lawrence bought 2x tickets to the Disney musical Frozen on the night of 19th December 2020. He knew Frozen is one of my favorite movies of all time and I was extremely excited for the day. The day before the proposal, Lawrence said he had booked a reservation at a nice restaurant in the city prior to the musical. On the day we decided to take an Uber to the city. The driver went in the wrong direction several times and was driving on the ramp to the Harbour Bridge heading towards North Sydney. He stopped on the side of the ramp which was right before the Harbour Bridge to double-check his directions. Suddenly, Lawrence told the driver that we would get out here in the middle of the road. I was shocked to hear this and a little upset but I trust Lawrence and his judgment and agreed to get off on the highway (Little did I know, was that the ramp was a few minutes walk to the Rotunda where he would propose to me). As we were walking towards the “restaurant” Lawrence distracted me and pointed at things that were out of the way from where he organized the proposal so I did not spot the lights and decorations he had organized.

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As we arrived at the rotunda and walked up the stairs, I saw a red carpet, red roses, glowing candles, and 2 large signs saying MARRY ME. Words cannot describe the sudden intense emotions that rushed through my body at this moment as he leads me up the rotunda. I was in shock, tears started swelling around my eyes but I tried to hold it back, my hands covered my mouth which was still wide in pure shock and awe of this magical moment. Lawrence went on his knees and asked “Krystal, you are the love of my life, will you marry me?”

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I said yes in my head but the words didn’t come out. I paused for a second and realized that I hadn’t said anything yet, so I cleared my throat and said ‘Yes’ softly through my uncontrolled breath. He stood up and placed a beautiful glistening diamond ring on my finger.

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Music played in the background but I could not hear it as I was still in shock and excitement. Our friends came rushing up the rotunda, to congratulate us and we celebrated the special evening together among the breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour.

Image 5 of Krystal and Lawrence

It was a magical moment that I will never forget. Oh, and the Frozen Musical was also magical!

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