Krystal and Kevin

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How We Met

Kevin and I met a few years back, and didn’t talk to each other, besides subtle hello’s. but we had each other on social media. Then 3 years ago, we ended up hanging out in the same circle of friends. We would hangout in a group all the time, for about a year; but on most occasions we would hangout on our own. There would be times where we would end up hanging out alone because the rest of our friends were busy, or couldn’t hang out with us. Which Kevin didn’t mind at all, he preferred we hung out on our own. So as we would hang out one on one, we got to know each other better as friends, since I was seeing someone else at the time. So we remained friends, until we started to get close. He became the person I would call to hangout, and we could talk for hours and hours, as if we knew each other for our entire lives. Then I then started to gain more feelings for him. So we decided to go out on a date, and go from there.

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how they asked

Every year my stepdad’s family stays a week in Sanibel, FL for 4th of July. This year was going to be the first year my boyfriend joins my family and I, so my mom invited his parents and my best friend, my aunt, uncle and cousins and brother were also joining us for the day (07/02/2017). We all spent the entire day at the beach, and we were planning on a family photo at sunset and then dinner. We all got changed and headed to the beach for a family photo. My best friend pulled me aside (to distract me while they set up) by having me ask people on the beach for some water for her. Then, after a few minutes she pulled me back and told me that everyone was ready for us in the picture. I walked over and stood next to my boyfriend’s mom, and then my mom told me to stand in front with Kevin so that she can make sure she gets everyone in the frame”, so I stood there in front of everyone, feeling so awkward, and then my mom says “Ready, Kevin Smile!…..Kevin Smile…Kevin, SMILE!” at this point I kept thinking, is what I think is going to happen, going to actually happen? and then I told myself, no it’s not… He then turned to me, and told me to look at the sign, and our families were holding a sign that said “Will you marry me?”, and my boyfriend got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I of course said yes! I am over the moon with joy and happiness. The ring was perfect, the proposal was perfect, and my FIANCE is perfect! 2 years later, and now he is my Fiance!

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