Krystal and Eric

how we met

Eric & I met through mutual friends. We had been friends for a while before we started dating. We lost touch for a little bit in between as we were both in other relationships. Then he sent me a Facebook message asking if I wanted to get together to catch up.The both of us just thought we were meeting as friends but time soon showed that there was more than that!

how they asked

I had no clue! It’s funny because I would always joke with him that I would know because he would be all squirrly and weird. But I had no idea! It was a Saturday and he had made us Belgium waffles for breakfast (which he has done many times before so that didn’t tip me off). We had finished eating & I was sitting at the table on Instagram as I had just uploaded a picture of the amazing waffles. I heard him doing something behind me but paid no attention. Then he said “Krystal…” and just said “yeah?”, still on my phone…ignoring him! Lol He followed that up with “Dawn Hazard” which made me turn around (finally). And there he was, down on one knee! The rest is history!!!

Special Thanks

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