Krystal and Dawrence

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How We Met

We met on July 29, 2011…MY BIRTHDAY! My cousin (who also happens to be his Best Friend) introduced us while partying the night away in downtown Austin! We met again a few months later through that same person, and we hit it off again and became friends. 1.5 years later, I got a job opportunity in Dallas which required me to relocate with my daughter.

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About 2 months later I let him know about the same job opportunity as he was trying to relocate to Dallas to be closer to his daughter. He came in and was offered the job on the spot to start 1 month later in June! Our friendship continued and it turned into casual dating… and then on November 2nd, 2014, We FINALLY decided to get into a more formal relationship! It has been awesome and we are truly each others Best Friends!

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how they asked

The week of July 14th…. I knew He was going to propose BECAUSE HE TOLD ME!!! He let me know at the earlier part of the week He was thinking about proposing that weekend. We were actually supposed to be going down to Austin for my cousin’s wedding so I was thinking “He can’t do it during their wedding weekend, I’ll get my girls on board to make sure He has a good plan”. Little did I know, all of my Girls that I thought were “helping ” me, were all in cahoots with him! And then we get to July 13th…my nails were looking ok but I had my co-worker & Bridesmaid Jenelle pestering me to go get my nails done that night. And then my Cousin & Matron of Honor, Langley texted me in the middle of the day and said “Let’s go get our nails done tonight”. At this point I knew for sure He was proposing BUT I thought it was going to be during the weekend trip, I had no clue it was going to happen the next day!

And later that night, Kirk called me to ask what I was wearing to work, because Stefan, our Creative Director/Photographer at work was taking professional photos and maybe I wanted to take some as well. So, I naturally woke up late the next morning, had no time to straighten my hair like I wanted and therefore did not put on my Super Professional outfit I chose, I REALLY did not think that it would be the day! The day went by like normal until around 3:30-4pm. Kirk calls me to tell me our company was getting direct deposit and we were going to have a meeting about it and John (one of our Partners) was going to let him make the announcement.

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Now, we work at a start up company and have not yet gotten Direct Deposit, so I was STOKED!!!! 4:30 comes around….we go in to the meeting…. and Kirk gets up and starts talking about how He got to Consilium and starts focusing on me. I ignore it the first time, because I have heard the story before…but then He goes back to me and asks me to come up to the front and I see him pull a black box out of his pocket.

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I am literally speechless at this point, and He gets on his knee and asks Me and of course I said yes!!! BEST DAY EVER!!!

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