Krystal and Brian

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At his parents house

How We Met

Brian and I met through his sister. It was sort of a blind date, she sold him perfectly. We met and he seemed like such a nice guy. We went out for his brothers birthday and we talked all night and he was literally the perfect gentlemen. To be honest, the rest is history. A few bumps in the road and 11 months later…here we are. Brian is a sign from God that He truly loves me. I couldn’t have asked for a better future husband and leader of my family. The way he loves me is unmatched. It’s something most women dream of and I’m beyond blessed to experience it. With him is where I belong, he is my home. He’s who my love belongs to forever and ever.

How They Asked

So, I was planning a surprise party for him and one of his friends told him. Unbeknownst to me, he had already purchased a ring a month prior and decided that that day would be the perfect day to ask me to marry him.

Krystal and Brian's Engagement in At his parents house

We walked into his parents’ house and everyone yelled “Surprise”! He turned to me and said this isn’t my surprise…it’s yours! He said he didn’t want to be my boyfriend anymore, his daughter gave him the ring, and he dropped down on one knee! He asked me to marry him and I said: “Of course”!