Krystal and Brian

how we met

We met on a job working for a catering company in New York City in June of 2012.
Brian: I had just moved to New York City. It was about a month and a half into my new job as a cater waiter. The summer had just begun and I was looking forward to some warmer weather. I took a shift outside the city not knowing what to expect and was definitely not disappointed working for a company picnic. There weren’t many of us on the shift; only Krystal and I. Deciding to make things a little less awkward, I started a conversation that lasted the entire shift; even inviting her to a show I was acting in at the time haha. Side note: she never actually made it to that show….haha
Krystal: It was definitely beautiful outside. So beautiful that I almost declined to work that shift a second time. I originally said no to working the shift because it was further away from the city. But I was in college at the time (hence never making it to his show. I had to study haha) and needed the money so bad I sucked it up and called to reconfirm despite how far away the job was. So glad I did! I had absolutely no idea that I would be meeting my future husband. That moment we met was much different from anyone else I’d met in my life. We had this instant friendly connection that led to 3 years of being best friends.

how they asked

Brian: It all started about 2.5 years after we started actually dating each other (making 5.5 years of knowing each other). Over the previous 6 months, Krystal and I had discussed in great detail about how we were going to leave NY, buy a sailboat to live on and embark on a fun adventure of learning what we were doing with it. I’m very old school when it comes to relationships. If we were going to embark on this adventure together, I wanted to make sure that we were married and we’re on this journey as a team. As friends, Krystal and I had taken many long walks along the upper west side in Manhattan and central park. We also have had some of our greatest conversations over coffee and breakfast at our favorite diner on the upper west side. As I thought about the plethora of special ways to go about a proposal, I realized that “simple is better.” I didn’t want her to have any idea when I was going to “pop the question” so I hid it in plain sight. About a week or two prior, I had asked her if she wanted to do a private sailing lesson with me; we had both been dying to get out on the water all winter. Unbeknownst to her, that was a celebratory fun activity after we were to get engaged. On the day of, I took her out to breakfast at our favorite diner in the upper west side and shared a great conversation about love, life, and everything in between. Following breakfast, we took a walk through our favorite section of central park. As we were walking in the park I had my hand secretly in my satchel waiting to pull out the ring at the best possible moment. I had mentioned to her that I was so excited about all of our plans and what we were going to start together. Without missing a beat she jokingly says “ya I know! I just want to get married and start life with you….” I couldn’t help but laugh. The timing was too perfect; if there was a cue to pull out the ring, it was now.

Krystal: It took a good moment for me to realize Brian was no longer walking beside me after I said that. I turned around about to say something else and saw him down on one knee. He opened up the box and said “Will you marry me, and have adventures with me?” He had the widest smile spread across his face and my mind actually went blank for a moment.

Brian: Her reaction looked as if it was straight from a movie. She went through every emotion possible in the span of 5 seconds hahaha. She said “what? Nooooo, BRIAN?? Are you serious? IS THIS FOR REAL?! OH MY GOODNESS!”

Krystal: My eyes watered so quickly and I happily said yes! We stood there giving each other the biggest hug ever. He did so well! I truly did not think it was going to happen that day.

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