Krysta and Russell

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How We Met

Russell and I met summer before our senior year in high school. We both worked at Walmart, I was in the fabric department, and Russell worked in shipping & receiving. Russell would always walk by the fabric desk as often as he could until he finally had the courage to jump up on the desk one day and ask me to lunch. Living in a small town, aside from meeting in the Walmart lunch room (How romantic?!), Starbucks was the next closest place. We agreed on Starbucks and Russell kept asking what was good, I had only been once, so I went with what I knew best, a double chocolate chip frappuccino, I really had no idea.

While Russell may have had other plans for our lunch date at Starbucks, I knew he was someone I wanted to best friends with forever. We quickly became best friends that summer and we were inseparable, I couldn’t imagine my world without him. By December we had FINALLY started dating. It only took my mom two days before she cracked out those baby books, I guess she knew something we didn’t yet know. Not only would Russell be my best friend, and my high school sweetheart, eventually, after 10 years, he would also become my happily ever after.

Proposal Ideas Paris, France

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

If you ask about our first date, we definitely had different ideas. I was naive, and totally thought we were headed to Starbucks just as friends. Russell was so kind, funny and compassionate how could you not want to be best friends with someone like him. Russell will tell you that our Starbucks lunch lead to everything else. He always tells me “I knew from that moment on, that I was determined to make you happy like no else could.”

how they asked

We had finally made it to Paris, after an emergency appendix removal delayed our initial trip just days before we were set to take off. Little did I know that while I was busy planning our trip to Europe, Russell was busy planning the perfect proposal, keeping my mom in on the secret. We laugh now, joking that planning the proposal and ring shopping led to his appendix acting antsy.

The morning of February 3rd, we were out taking photos around the 7th and 15th arrondissement of Paris. The quaint cobblestone streets around Bir-Hakeim, lined in perfection towards those Parisian homes we had been gushing over all week. The Seine sweeped briskley below while la dame de fer (The lady of Iron) stood tall & strong in the background, after days of rain the sun was beaming down, it was just another perfect day in Paris, a perfect Paris daydream…

We were about to take one of those tacky tourist photos, you know the ones you that sound so ridiculous, but your only in Paris once, so why not! I closed my eyes and listened to Russell countdown, eager for the shot that would make us laugh for days to come. “One, Two, Three!”

Just as I opened my eyes, there Russell was down on one knee, and just for a moment all of time stood still. It was straight from a fairytale, a real life Cinderella if you will. The most magical & romantic moment I had ever been in. As he asked me to marry him, my heart literally stopped, I had to keep telling my self to breathe, it was one of those moments, you just didn’t ever want to let go of. With tears streaming down my face, I tried to muster up enough air, just to say YES! (But not without first asking “Did you ask my Dad?”)

We had a few giggles at the beginning of the Proposal, Russell started with the ring box upside down. I didn’t know how to tell him, so I subtly tried making circles with my finger as to say, turn the box around. The day started out perfect, by the time we finished our surprise proposal shoot, the skies opened and the rain poured down.

It was really the most magical moment I had ever experienced, there is something to be said about the city of love.

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