Krysta and Michael

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Walt Disney World - Tangled Lanterns Photo Spot

How We Met

We were 5 and my aunt lived next door to his family. I come from a big family and at the time had 7 first cousins and my aunt would watch us after school everyday and in the summers while our parents worked. His family came over for barbecues and birthday parties and I even have a few pictures that the two of us are in with the rest of my cousins. He went to private school and I went to public school but we all hung out after school outside and in the summer time. My aunt passed away when I was in 4th grade and when her house sold, we lost touch with his family. Sophomore year, he transferred to public high school and we became friends again since he didn’t know anyone besides me and his cousin. About a year into being good friends, we started dating junior year and continued to date through college. 8 years later here we are engaged!

How They Asked

I used to go to Disney World every year for cheerleading. He had only been once when he was about 7. Freshman year of college 2014, I decided to take him back and see if he’d love it like I do. And thankfully he did! After the initial trip we went back 3 times and even went to Disneyland in California once! Last year, we took his parents and sister and they wanted to go back again this year so of course we said yes and booked! We also said getting engaged in Disney would be too cliche.. so I didn’t think anything of this trip!

I LOVE the movie Tangled and have been asking him to take a picture with me at the Tangled Lantern Photo Spot for the past 2 or 3 trips. Unfortunately we have never had the time! This year, I put my Tangled shirt on and said hey let’s do it tonight and he said okay! My mom was also visiting with my little cousins so they came with us to the spot. We finally got up to take the picture after his sister and her bf went and my cousins went. We took 3 poses – one smiling, one looking at the lantern and one kissing. After the kissing picture he looked at me and said “Do you know how long I’ve been trying to get you over here” I laughed and went to give the lantern back to the worker when she showed me off to take one last picture.. After a few seconds he got down on one knee and the rest is all still a blur. My perfect fairytale made by the perfect person for me. I SAID YES!

Krysta and Michael's Engagement in Walt Disney World - Tangled Lanterns Photo Spot

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