Krysta and Cody


How We Met

We met in our chemistry class in high school; we sat next to each other. Ironically, the first time we had a real conversation, I was texting and he asked if I was texting my boyfriend — it’s ironic because I had broken up with my boyfriend the night before. We ended up talking in class all the time after that day, and when it came time for winter break he followed me to my locker joking that he would miss me and needed my phone number, so I put my number in his phone and we said goodbye for the holidays. This was before unlimited minutes and texting, so we ran up quite a phone bill talking and texting all break and both got in trouble with our parents. Shortly after returning back from break it was winter formal, which at our high school was girls ask guys.

I was deciding between asking Cody and asking one of my guy friends, I knew all my friends were going together, so I ended up asking my friend instead of Cody. I didn’t know it, but this hurt his feelings, and then the semester ended and the seating chart changed and we weren’t next to each other anymore so we didn’t talk too much after that. Fast forward towards the end of April/beginning of May, and though we had talked here and there during chemistry class, joking around, etc., he stayed after baseball practice to watch one of my lacrosse games. He came out after and we talked, laughed and he texted me later that night when I got home. A couple weeks later we went on our first date and had our first kiss and became “official” as they said in high school.

how they asked

I had been working a lot of weekends so this was our first Saturday in a while that we could do whatever, so he told me we were going on a walk with our dog at the Lafayette Reservoir and that he was going to bring his camera to take some pictures. We had just started walking on the trail when he took a smaller trail down towards an old boat launch next to the water. He said this was a pretty spot for our picture and began setting up the camera. I picked up our dog and smiled at the camera ready for the photo, but when he came around behind me, he turned me around and got down on one knee.


I truly didn’t believe it was real until I saw the ring. I don’t remember what he said before he said “Will you marry me?” To which I of course said yes! I asked if anyone else knew this was happening and he pointed behind me where my boss/friend and another photographer friend were taking pictures and actually had my sister on FaceTime. The rest of my family was just waiting for me to call as they all knew too! Even though we have been together for over 8 years, I was so shocked that he proposed and that after so long we were finally starting the next chapter of our lives!

Krysta's Proposal in Lafayette Reservoir in Lafayette, CA