Kruti and Nishant

How We Met

Being focused on school and work, the future bride, Kruti, was never invested in dating. After working for two years in the retirement area in Florida and moving to Tampa, Florida, Kruti decided to be serious about dating. Nishant, the future groom, became frustrated with dating as well and invested in online dating. Kruti was in New Jersey at a cousin’s wedding at the time, and Nishant was passing through Orlando, Florida. They both swiped right on an online dating app for South Asians called Dil Mil. They began to message each other immediately. Upon returning Tampa, Florida, Kruti and Nishant, in Houston, Texas, talked on the phone for about two hours Sunday upon their trips.

Kruti's Proposal in Miami, Fl

Kruti and Nishant's Engagement in Miami, Fl

Proposal Ideas Miami, Fl

They began to facetime morning and at night, sometimes lasting until 2:00 -3:00 AM. Upon communicating for about a month, Nishant visited Kruti in Tampa, Florida. For their first date weekend, they went to Cooper’s Hawk Wine Tasting, Ulele for dinner, with a fun evening event the next day on a boat ride on the beach. After their first weekend together in Florida, the continued to date and travel and visit each other. Kruti visiting Nishant in Houston, Texas, for the first time was during Hurricane Harvey. She was thinking that it rains in Florida all the time; how bad could it be in Texas? Little did she know she would be stuck in Houston for 5 days! They bonded during the week and made food out of beer and wine and played games at home and watched Narcos. Kruti returned safely to Tampa, Fl, and their long-distance relationship continued to blossom and flourish.

Where to Propose in Miami, Fl

How They Asked

Recall, Nishant and Kruti’s first date weekend was on a boat. Kruti and Nishant were in Miami, Florida for Valentine’s weekend. Nishant had surprised Kruti on a boat. Kruti, a Pisces, loves the water and the beach. She was quite happy. They both sat on the center of the boat while playing music. The captain mate was taking various photos. She had asked the couple to sit near the edge center of the boat for a photo. Around 6:09 PM, sunset time, Nishant held Kruti’s hand and smiled. He told her how much he loved her and instead of talking on facetime wanted to wake up daily together and asked Kruti to marry him. Kruti couldn’t believe what was happening shocked and excited started to have tears of joy and screamed “YES”. After 20 months of a long distance relationship, this couple is taking it to the next level and getting married yall!!