Krunal and Nirali

Image 1 of Krunal and Nirali

how we met

My first memory of Nirali was at a family’s friends house for an engagement party. I asked her how to use the microwave they had. That same night I saw her doing the stupidest (cute) thing mixing M&M’s with coke. (Yes she is a sugar freak!) Later I saw her performing a dance and I was totally mesmerized.

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Since we were in a long distance relationship (she in Toronto and me in Chicago), we use to Skype daily and I just couldn’t wait to talk with her each day. SO when we couldn’t talk for a week straight without giving reason to each other she seemed really upset. Upon my asking “what am I to you anyways?” she started smiling and blushing and couldn’t look me straight inn the eyes. I found this soo damn cute, and that’s how I knew we were in love. We love to go on walks when the weather is awesome. It doesn’t matter if its cold or hot. Sometimes we just stay in at nights watching tv and movies while cuddling. But most of all, we love traveling. We’ll go to huge cities and spend weekends in downtown luxury hotels, or even go to a remote place and live the cozy life in a cabin.

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how they asked

Nirali knew that I was proposing. I couldn’t exactly hide it, because I was flying all the way from Chicago for seemly no reason. She just didn’t know exactly when or where it would happen. She loves the fall colors, but she doesn’t get much of them in Toronto, so I planned out a road trip to Blue Mountain.

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She just enjoyed the car ride from and the view. At some point she got all turned around. She had never been there before, so by the time we had arrived at the lookout she had nearly forgotten about what was coming.

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I was SO nervous! And it was made even worse when I couldn’t catch the first flight I had booked. I ended up having to take a later flight, and even though I had given myself extra time it really got my heart racing. So by the time we arrived I was a bit flustered. So we marched right up to Sophia and I said, “So how do we do this??” Sophia said, “Walk over there… OK stop! Now go!” And the rest you can see…

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Special Thanks

Sophia Lemon
 | photographer