Krizia and Robert

How We Met

We met on instagram, he messaged me one day and we never stopped talking since that day. We lived in different states and decided that we wanted to be with eachother so badly that we flew out often to see eachother. Eventually the distance was just starting to become hard , so I ended up moving to his state and the rest is history.

how they asked

He told me to dress up nicely because we would be taking Christmas family photos with his family. So we went to this outside mall location with a huge singing Christmas tree. As I was looking around waiting for everyone to get in the picture with us, suddenly I turn around and he gets down on one knee! His whole family was in on it, and there were so many by standers and strangers cheering us on and congratulating us afterwards. I always told him that if he ever proposed to me, to never do it in front of a big crowd, and that’s exactly what he did…..but I loved it !

Image 1 of Krizia and Robert

Our Video

Special Thanks

My Fiances Sister and family
 | Videographer