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How We Met

I met my fiancé 10 years ago. He was the DEFINITION of an emo kid wallflower. We met at church and for 6 years we were the best of friends. College made it hard to maintain our friendship so during our last few years, we decided to reconnect through some friends and made a band! It was then I realized that I had more than friendship feelings for him. We’ve been together romantically for 4 years now, and I couldn’t have asked for a more loyal, kinder, or sweeter partner in life. They say that you should marry your best friend, and I sure am glad that I will get to do that very soon!!

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how they asked

I normally don’t do this but I’ve seen some amazing and well-planned engagements lately that I wanted to brag on my soon to be husband.

On the day that he proposed, I was in school, (I’m a teacher), actually complaining about how long we’ve been together and how amazed I was that he hadn’t proposed yet. Well that day I was actually told by my Principal, who is an interim Professor at two Universities, that her students were wanting to film a documentary about first year teachers. Well my particular team at the time has the most first year teachers of all the teams so she chose the three of us to be the subjects.

We were put in a room, told not to go outside so the crew could shoot B-roll of the school and the classrooms, and we were asked a series of questions. Afterwards, we were told that they wanted a shot of me in my room, so they instructed me to “walk normally,” as most normal people do while pretending there isn’t a camera in my face, and the rest was documented on video.

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I am just so appreciative of him and his work, his patience, and his dedication to make me feel special. Surrounding me with my students, faculty, friends, and family, I couldn’t have DREAMED of a better proposal!! I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with my best friend!

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