Kritzie and Robert

How We Met

Robert and I met 10 years ago through a friend, he was 18 a manager at Donalds and I was 16 went to work there over the summer and only lasted a month but gained a best friend for a lifetime.

how they asked

We were on vacation in Italy for the first time and were spending 3 days in Venice. Our second day in Venice was rainy, we had an early morning tour scheduled and the rest of the day at leisure. After the tour, we went for lunch and Robert insisted on going to Punta della Dogana post lunch. I thought nothing of it and said absolutely let’s go. We ended up on a little bridge on a really quiet part of town, there was a man walking his dog and a lady with her camera. We stopped on the bridge and asked me for a selfie, then he began to tell me how he felt about us and he had been waiting for the perfect timing–That’s when I realized what was really happening. Robert pulled out the box and got down on one knee( secret photographer in place).

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At this point I was already emotional and as soon as he opened the box, everything was quiet and all you heard was ‘klink’ and our ring fell into the water. Overjoyed with emotion, I thought nothing of it and let him finish his proposal. I figured our ring would forever live in the Venice canal and finish our proposal shoot, we would return back to NYC engaged but ringless.

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KRITZIE and ROBERT's Engagement in VENICE

The next day we were leaving for Rome and I felt pretty bad that we didn’t even try to get our ring. We’re New Yorkers, giving up is not a thing. I told him ” there has to be a way if they found the Titanic they can find my ring” – he laughed, and so did the police when I went to the station but I couldn’t have been the first person to have lost something in those waters. I told Robert, let’s go to the best hotel on the island and ask the concierge, they have to know someone.

Sure enough, they immediately called someone they knew who would possibly be able to help us retrieve our ring. They called Mirko and we were so happy to meet with him. When we arrived at the location, we saw Mirko in all his scuba gear and asked us to point out where the ring dropped, because his light was only 20cm. Mirko went underwater and within ten minutes he was back up with our ring in hand. After retrieving our ring, on land and away from the water Robert once again asked me to marry him.

Special Thanks

Kinga Leftska
 | Photographer
Laura Freeman
 | Trip Coordinator
Marco & Mirko
 | Marco helped me find Mirko who helped us fish our ring out of the water.