Kriti and Avi

How We Met

Avi and I went to the same high school together and I knew of him only as one of my friend’s cousin who was an IBT student so he was one of the smarter kids in the school that we were sure was going to become a doctor one day. After high school, Avi and I went to different universities for undergrad and during the last year of my program a friend of mine decided to set me up on a date with a friend of hers who she thought would be perfect for me. She told me he’s studying Health Sciences at the University of Toronto in his fourth year and is also single. She thought we would make a great pair so after brushing the idea off a couple of times, I finally decided to give it a chance. So I asked her to give me his name and decided to search him on Facebook lol!.. you know to do some background research haha! When I clicked on his profile, I saw that he had already sent me a request a while ago which was waiting to be accepted. I was also surprised to see that this was the same cousin of my friend from high school.

I accepted the friend request and shortly after got a message from him that read, “Finally, took you four years to accept this friend request Lol!” I couldn’t believe that his request had been there for all this time but then again I wasn’t big on social media back in high school, I was a very quiet person. Needless to say, that’s been an ongoing joke between us even till this day. We started talking on a daily basis and hit it off instantly, conversations were always so easy and for the first time, I felt like I could really be myself with someone and didn’t need to act any differently. In one of our conversations, Avi asked me that it was to make a bucket list of things I wanted to do in my life what would those be and one of those things was being able to watch the sun rising at the horizon. Shortly after that conversation, Avi finally asked me out on our first official date and told me to be ready by 5, I asked him that isn’t 5 a bit early in the evening for dinner? He told me he didn’t mean 5 pm, he meant 5 am!

And that I should dress warm and wear comfortable shoes. Never in my life, had I ever gone on a first date that didn’t require me to wear a dress or nice shoes. Surprised as I was, I got ready the next morning and he came at 5 am in the morning to pick me up and we started driving. I soon found out that we are heading towards downtown Toronto. Shortly after, he stopped the car at Toronto Lakeshore and asked me to take a walk with him. After walking for a bit, we came out to this clearing through which you could see the gorgeous Toronto Skyline. We sat down by the waters and Avi took my hand into his and told me that all throughout high school he had feelings for me but was never brave enough to tell me about them and now that we are together, he wanted to make our first date special and that is why he had brought me out to the lakeshore to watch the sunrise checking off the first thing on my bucket list. We watched the sunrise together, ate some delicious breakfast and talked for hours that day and I knew going home that day that whatever we had between us was very special and was here to stay.

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How They Asked

We had been dating for about 4 years and we knew that we wanted to be with each other and wanted to get married. We had spoken about it a few times but the timing was never right. Between changes in both of our careers and me moving to another city with my family, things got very busy very fast. In August of 2017, my sister and brother planned a weekend stay in downtown Toronto for just us siblings to unwind and relax. It worked out perfectly because Avi was also going to be away on a cottage trip that same weekend with his friends. Our first night in downtown Toronto, my siblings and I enjoyed a day full of retail therapy and explored the city and finished the night off having dinner at a nice restaurant. It had been a fun but a tiring night and needless to say, I was very excited to get cozy in my bed and had planned to sleep in till late the next morning.

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However, on our way back to the hotel, my sister tells me that she’s just had a spontaneous idea and she really wants to go see the sunrise at the lakeshore because she had always heard me talk about how amazing of an experience it was from my first date with Avi. In pure disbelief and shock but also trying to keep my cool, I asked if we could do the sunrise thing another time because the sole reason why we all came out to this mini vacation was to unwind and catch up on some much-needed sleep!! But she kept requesting to go and said that already it took us so long to plan something like this together and she didn’t want to lose out on the opportunity. To my surprise, my brother who is SO not a morning person was super cool with this plan as well and didn’t bash it down even ONCE!

Kriti and Avi's Engagement in Toronto Lakeshore

After quite some time of them trying to convince me and being super persistent ongoing, they finally got me to agree to go on the conditions of getting a late checkout and buying me some yummy breakfast. I texted Avi that night telling him about my siblings’ bizarre plan and how annoyed I was. He told me to just go have fun and that we don’t have this time together all the time so to make the most of it. We talked for a bit over the phone and he sent me some pictures of him having a bonfire with his friends at the cottage.

We said goodnight to each other and the next morning, early at 5 am we all got ready to go to watch the sunrise. As we got close to the lakeshore, my brother asked me to stop by a gas station nearby, because he wanted to go use the bathroom before we start walking. As I’m waiting in the car for him I’m looking at the time wondering what is taking him so long, then my sister decides to go check up on him and she doesn’t come back for a long time either. I’m beyond annoyed now because first of all, we are here super early in the morning, I’m super cranky because all I wanted to do was sleep and the sun has pretty much started to rise already.

We finally get to the lakeshore and start walking towards the clearing. As we are walking, I hear music playing and I tell my siblings that maybe we should take the other route cause looks like its someone’s wedding or something going on. They tell me to keep walking for a bit and if there is something going on we will walk back the other way. As we walk up further, I see Avi come out of the clearing walking up towards us and I’m shocked to see him here because he’s supposed to be at the cottage with his friends.

I knew something was up. He’s all dressed up in a suit and takes my hand and takes me to walk with him. As we walk up towards the clearing, I see that there is a violinist playing music, Avi’s best friend Raj standing in the entrance of the clearing to give me flowers. In that whole clearing, Avi had all our pictures from all four years hung up, lanterns with messages that were handwritten by his mother and a table set up for us, overlooking the Toronto Skyline. He had recreated our first date!

We had my favorite sandwiches, reminisced good times looking at all our old pictures and finally, he walked me to stand in the center of the heart-shaped with rose petals. He took my hands into his and began talking and after some unforgettable beautiful words, which I almost couldn’t hear over the loud pounding noise of my heart beating so fast and all the butterflies that I had in my stomach, he took a brief pause and then asked me to turn and look towards my left. As I looked, all our friends and my siblings held up big handwritten signs that read those precious 4 words, “Will you Marry me”. Shocked, as I turned to look at Avi, he had already gone down on his one knee and was holding the most beautiful ring in the world, asking me to marry him. With tears rolling down my eyes, I said Yes! He put the ring on my finger and I yelled out in the excitement that yayyy, it fits!!

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Later that morning, we all celebrated with delicious breakfast and everyone sharing all the BTS that had happened to make Avi’s vision come true. In the afternoon, we went to his parents’ house to get their blessings and then to mine to get my grandparents and parents blessings. Needless to say, sleep was not an issue for me anymore lol!

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