Kristyn and Jonathan

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How We Met

It was a beautiful afternoon in October of 2015 when I decided I wanted to study outside so I purposely sat near the guys dorms! While I was working, I glanced up and saw this super cute guy with long hair coming my way! Turns out he was just tying to get into his dorm! :) As the long hair guy walked by my friend sitting at the table with me, Cam, noticed him. They started talking and I finally got introduced to the mystery guy with long hair! Jonathan had a smile like no other and from the moment I was introduced to the mystery guy I was smitten! I was just a freshman in college at Liberty University and he was a sophomore. I would see Jonathan on campus a couple times and every time we talked it was always so fun and easy! Fast forward to the day before Christmas break. We both had attended a show and after the show I saw Jonathan!! I remember being so overly excited to see him! He greeted me with the biggest huge ever! I knew at that moment that he was the one I was going to marry! All because of a warm hug! Crazy right?! When we got back from Christmas break we exchanged numbers and hung out almost every day! From rock climbing to swimming and soccer. Yes, I even joined a soccer team just so he could teach me how to play! :) One Saturday afternoon in March, Jonathan invited me to play soccer with him. I of course said yes! While we were kicking the ball around he said “Hey Kristyn, how would you like to go on a date with me this Tuesday at 5?” I responded with an eager “it’s about freaking time!!!!!”. On Tuesday we went out and that is when I fell in love with BBQ pizza and Jonathan!

how they asked

Ever since our first date, Jonathan had always talked about recreating it one year later. So on March 8, 2017 thats just what Jonathan and I tried to do! This time around, Jonathan wanted to get dressed up and then take some pictures of us after dinner. We got ready and headed to the same pizza spot one year later. When we got there the restaurant was closed, and we were super bummed! We quickly improvised and picked another restaurant just down the street. After a great dinner, Jonathan and I had pictures scheduled at this beautiful waterfall. I knew Jonathan was up to something when he pulled out his big winter coat to take pictures in. (it was only 60 degrees) Our photographer had a taken a few pictures of us already and I quickly looked at them to make sure my hair was looking good. (Am I right?!) While I was looking at the pictures, Jonathan started to mess his jacket and at that moment I knew! He grabbed a box out of his jacket and got down on one knee! He said to me “remember when I asked you out and you said “Its about freaking time” Well I think your going to say that now!” He asked me to marry him and I did not say anything. I just ran into his arms with pure joy and happiness!!! I was so happy that I forgot about the ring or even saying yes! After we celebrated with cheesecake and friends! It was a very sweet day with my super sweet guy!

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