Kristyn and Dalton

Image 1 of Kristyn and Dalton

How We Met

We meet through mutual friends, he my friends for my number multiple times. I wasn’t looking for a relationship. But I finally gave him. The first date was a disaster! But we decided to give it another try. We had a spree of the moment second date down at the beach in our hometown and the rest was history!

How They Asked

On Christmas Eve Eve, we were visiting back home. He told me that we were getting ready for a friends Christmas dinner. But before we had the dinner we had to run down to his families dock to get the fireworks ready. As we walked down to the dock I realized he had candles all the way down and a marry me sign at the end. As we walked down the dock together I knew this night was going to be magical. He got down on one knee and everything was a blur! I just remember saying yes. Our whole family started clapping from behind the bushes above!