Kristyn and Corey

How We Met

We met over three years ago through mutual friends on a Vegas trip. After the trip, our groups continued to hang out and our friendship grew into a relationship a little over a year later.

how they asked

My lifelong best friend Alex is a photographer. She asked me the previous week to meet her on Wednesday to model some clothes a boutique sent her. I told her sure as it was nothing out of the ordinary as we have done this often.

As we were headed to go take the pictures Corey called like he does every day at 5:00 to tell me he was going to be home a little later due to work.

Alex and I got to the location and started shooting and tells me to start walking to her. When I come around the corner Corey is tucked in a cove of trees smiling from ear to ear. He got down on one knee and said “Kristyn Loren will you marry me” of course I said YES! As I look up my parents and little brother are coming around a huge cedar tree where they come and greet us.

Afterward, Corey and I had alone time in the middle of the arrangement of flowers. It was as if time was still for a minute as we just held on to each other. We then made our way to a new restaurant in town with all of our closest family and friends. It was a dream and a total surprise! I mean who expects an engaged on a Wednesday night!?

Special Thanks

Alex Wolf Photography
 | Photographer