Kristyn and Colby

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How we Met

Colby is from Iowa and I’m from right outside of Philadelphia. He ended up this way when he attended college at Rutgers in NJ. He and his friends from out of town joined a bunch of Philly leagues such as kickball and corn-hole (bean bag toss) to meet more people. My best friend just “loves team spirit” so she was also a part of a bunch of those leagues. She met Colby’s friend at corn hole and they were dating for a little. Whoever my friend was dating she would always try to hook me up with one of his friends (and I did the same). At this point I was kinda over dating so when she showed me his picture, although I did think he was really cute, I just didn’t put much thought into it. After a while, I kind of forgot about that whole situation. One night she asked me to come to the bar for a drink because it was her last game. She came to meet me outside at my car and reminded me about Colby, saying he was there and wanted to meet me. I was wearing my glasses and in a very casual outfit, and I guess she didn’t approve because I remember she told me to take off my glasses, haha.

As soon as I walked in the door Colby handed me a beer and then immediately started to talk to me. He was such a super close talker that it creeped me out at first (haha) and I thought he was kinda weird. I love making fun of him for that now. The more he talked, the more I became interested. He told me that had just bought a duplex and fixed it up to rent out. He didn’t expect to rent both apartments out so soon and ended up living next door with his old lady neighbor and her cats. He also said that he rented a piece of land in New Jersey and had a little garden and some chickens, which I thought was totally cool. So the more I talked to him, the more I realized that he was the just the right kind of weird for me.

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Now the story takes an unexpected turn. Shortly after that he had been trying to get me to meet up for a drink, but I still wasn’t very motivated to date. One night I was out dancing with my girlfriends and the guy that my best friend was dating showed up with Colby. We hung out and had a great time. I think Colby had a little bit too much to drink and passed out on the couch while I was blowing up an air mattress to sleep on. The next morning, around 7am I got a text telling me my grandma had passed away. I didn’t know what to do so I just got up and left before he woke up. My grandmother lived in Florida and my father’s side of the family is Jewish, so you sit Shivah for seven days when someone passes. During those seven days in Florida I had a bad cold so most of the time I was alone in a hotel room while my family was together. Colby would text me and check in with me every day. I remember thinking how sweet he was, and how the questions he asked and the conversations had made me feel how much he really cared. It was through out that time that we really got to know each other. Pretty much as soon as I got back we were dating and pretty seriously. I think of this situation as a gift from my grandmother. She sent me such a sweet person to share my life with.

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how they asked

We had been together for about 2 years and we already had been saying that we wanted to get married to each other one day. I work as a make up artist in the wedding industry so I work from home a lot emailing back and fourth when I’m not on a job. On this particular Thursday I got a text message from Colby while I was home working in my PJs. It was the Thursday before July 4th weekend and It said it was almost vacation weekend and that he had made dinner reservations. This was not unlike him, we love going out to dinner but it had been a while since we had been out, so I was super excited just to have a reason to get dressed and eat good food! I threw my hair up and put on a comfy floral dress I had just bought that was laying on my bed. He and everyone else totally thought I knew it was coming because I don’t usually put on a dress to grab dinner but I swear I had no idea! It was just good luck I guess! The restaurant he told me the had made reservations at is actually a wine bar that doesn’t really require reservations, so I thought that was a little strange but I just kind of went with it. That restaurant is right next to an adorable little park and walking distance from where we lived so Colby suggested taking the long way to the place since we had time to kill and we could walk through the park. I didn’t think anything of it because we did that all the time.

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It was a Thursday night and in no way did I think that I was walking into my proposal. During the walk to the park, I was such a great mood and I was thinking how fun that would be if that was the night, and we were going out to celebrate. I started to tease him as we walked, pretty much describing the entire scenario that was about to happen; what a brat I was. We had never talked about a scenario like that or any type of scenario before. Honestly, I was trying to give him a hint of a cool proposal idea for the future, not realizing it was in the works at that very moment. If I was aware that was what was actually going down, I would have kept my mouth shut and pretended to be surprised! As we walked through the park he stopped me right in front of the water fountain. He took both of my hands and said “I do have something I want to talk to you about.” At that moment I thought that he was just joking with me back, since I had been teasing him on the way to the park but then I noticed his hands were shaking. He went to reach for something in his pocket, it was tiny and he couldn’t get it out right away. I stared at his pocket waiting to see if this was really what I thought it was.

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When I saw it, I started shaking and realized this was the real thing. I think I kind of blacked out when it was happening because I had to ask Colby if he actually got down on one knee, I couldn’t remember those details! What I do remember is him telling me that the particular weekend was significant to him because it was that same weekend two years earlier that he was at my parents July 4th party, pretty early into our relationship and he knew he wanted to marry me.

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I noticed that someone was taking our picture but I didn’t look because I wanted to fully be in that moment with him. As he was proposing he was so nervous that he kept trying to put the ring on my right hand, which looking back I think is so funny. We have a picture showing that exact moment and me showing him where the ring goes!

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We went for a walk through the park and had a mini photo shoot with our photographer, Haley. The lighting was gorgeous and we were just so happy and beaming! I love the way the pictures show exactly how we were feeling. Then to my surprise after the mini photo shoot Colby said we had dinner reservations at another restaurant, not the wine bar he originally mentioned. When we got to the restaurant both of our families were there! I knew my family would be there because they lived close and we are always doing everything with them. I couldn’t imagine that day if they were not there. What was really extra special to me was that his family had driven from Iowa and the Pocono’s and flew in from California. Thats when I started to really cry. It was so sweet that our family members went out of their way, driving and flying from all over to celebrate that day with us. Ill never forget the love on everyones faces during that dinner. Since it was July fourth weekend they stayed the whole weekend and we celebrated non stop! It was such a special time that we will remember forever.

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