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Anthony & I were on a vacation to Disney World that we both needed so much! The entire trip was one of the best ones we have ever been on, and the engagement was just an added bonus :) It all started with our last day on vacation in Orlando. We checked into the Swan hotel, and never did I imagine how the day would unfold! The entire day Anthony was acting weird, quiet, strange and not himself. Like my typical self I harassed him repeatedly to tell me what was on his mind, and his response of ” nothing, I don’t want to leave ” made sense. We were getting ready to go to Disney’s Magic Kingdom to enjoy our last night on vacation together. Our plan was to get to the Magic Kingdom a 6:00, and then utilize Animal Kingdoms Magic hours after. I told him I preferred to just go in my gym getup so I could be comfortable.

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As I was changing out of a beautiful dress into my comfy clothes he stopped me and demanded I needed to wear my dress because he wanted to wear his outfit and did not want to change :-D so I put it on. 6 pm rolls around, he’s sweating bullets profusly as our shuttle is about to enter the park. It started to rain for the first time the whole trip, and he got very upset. As weird as it was, the second we stepped off the shuttle the sun came out. We approached the Magic Kingdom gates and I asked him ” where should we go first babe?” He replied let’s get a picture in front of the castle before we get all sweaty and exhausted from running around. I agreed, and we were off. Next thing I knew the photographer was ready to take our photos. I asked him if he would take one on my I phone as well, we took about 10 and then I was ready to proceed with the night. Then I hear the photo guy say ” wait I don’t know if those came out okay, let’s take one more!” The next thing I knew , Anthony is staring at me as I’m posing for a picture and I’m nudging him telling him to ” pay attention”. Little did I know he had a whole elaborate plan set up with the photographer to capture one of the best moments of our lives.

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Anthony grabbed my hands told me this was the best vacation we have ever had, that I was his best friend, the most beautiful girl in his universe inside & out and said ” what better way to end this vacation than to ask you this.” I immediately started sobbing and freaking out!

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Once the surrounding crowd caught wind of it, we had an entire audience crying, chanting, clapping and gushing. Anthony got down on one knee, asked me to be his princess forever and showed me the beautiful ring. It was single handedly the best day of my entire life. I have never been more surprised, excited, overwhelmed, and in love all in a matter of seconds.

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Since I was a child I have dreamed about getting proposed to in Disney. Never did I ever think my dream would become actual reality. We had our very own Happily Ever After!

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